Guide Pre & Primary Teachers to train children in the basics of Yoga

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International Diploma in Teaching Yoga to Young Learners

You will educate the Pre & Primary Teachers on teaching the basic Yoga poses to children in classrooms. You will also teach them about managing the classroom while teaching Yoga.

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About The Course

Pre & Primary teachers face many difficulties while training the basics of Yoga to children in the classrooms. By taking up this course you will be able to train them on the procedures of teaching the basic poses in the classroom. You will also train them on the methods of managing the classrooms while teaching them Yoga.

At present Pre & Primary teachers need to know the fundamentals of Yoga to get employed in schools and they need a guide who can show them the ways of teaching Yoga, as well as managing the classrooms. Hence, joining the course will give you an opportunity to work as a Yoga trainer for the teachers.

Course Duration:

The course duration is 90 Hours For further information please get in touch with our admission department.

Focus of the Training

  • The course will provide you with the knowledge of educating the teachers on the methods of teaching Yoga to young children.
  • Educate trainers to manage the students while teaching Yoga in the classrooms.
  • Educate trainers to manage the students while teaching Yoga in the classrooms.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum qualification 10+2 or Higher Secondary passed

Modes of Learning

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Course Fees

The course fee for the International Diploma in Teaching Yoga to Yoga Learners is Rs 18,000/ (300 USD for International Students)

* Additional 18% GST applicable on all Course Fees

Hands-on Training

24x7 Student

100% Job Assistance

  • Aspiring teachers : Those who want to become Pre & Primary Teachers and possess the knowledge of Yoga.
  • Teachers : Pre & Primary Teachers who want to be Yoga trainers as well.
  • Career changers : Professionals who are looking to change their careers and become teachers proficient in Yoga.
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  • Course material
  • Teaching assignments

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