An Overview of Our Training Institute,Our Journey, Goals and Trainers

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About us

Institute of International Teachers Training is a Government of India registered training institute with ISO 9001:2015 certification. As a leading institute, we offer courses in Primary, Pre-Primary, Montessori and Nursery teachers training. To improve communications among people in the professional field and outside it, we have started the Communicative English course recently.

At IITT, we provide the best quality education through our experienced trainers who are committed to producing the best teachers for the young minds. Following the global model of teachers’ training, we cater to innovative training procedures through which we equip our students with the knowledge to educate students at any school across the world.

We believe that discipline and professionalism is the key to producing a good teacher. Keeping this in mind we have developed a learning-oriented environment. The institute is built over a strong infrastructure to guide students in completing their courses. IITT provides the courses in Online, Distance and Physical classroom modes.

our goal

Our goal at Institute of International Teachers Training is to educate candidates wanting to become primary or pre-primary teachers with the help of Online, Distance and Class-Room programs and incorporating contemporary teaching techniques and methods over our courses. We at Institute of International Teachers Training wish to produce commendable teachers devoted to teaching young learners from various backgrounds at the Primary, Pre-primary, Montessori and Nursery level.

About Our Trainers

Our trainers at Institute of International Teachers Training are highly educated with years of Online and Class-Room teaching experience in Primary, Pre-primary, Nursery and Montessori level. Equipped with the know-how of modern teaching methods and techniques, they are committed to their goal of guiding the students through the variety of learning modes we provide, such as Online, Phone or Classroom coaching. Trainers guide the students with the help of comprehensive course materials so that they attain in-depth knowledge of any subject.

Trainees are also provided with suggestions to work on areas that require improvement. Trainees can expect high-quality guidance of international standards on Primary, Pre-primary, Nursery and Montessori teaching. Our teachers provide constant assistance to our trainees and motivate them through Online and Class Room Coaching.

Teaching Practice

A good teacher training course needs to be comprehensive with and must include plenty of examples to develop the idea and methods of teaching young children. Additionally, interaction with students in an actual classroom is equally important. For this reason, we conduct a teaching practice session in our curriculum. We also give extra attention to these sessions during our assessment process to help teachers understand the classroom scenario by observing the behavior of the children. Along with the practical implementation of the teaching methods, our instructors provide helpful feedback to guide the candidates in improving their weaker areas. We also provide the option to practice teaching in a Primary, Pre-Primary or a Montessori school. This will equip our students to garner real world teaching experience. Additionally, our course modules also discuss methods of handling a variety of situations and problems in the classroom.

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