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International Diploma in Communicative English

Enable yourself to speak English smoothly and correctly to take part in conversations, asking questions, getting qualified for interviews and for other purposes.

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About The Course

The Communicative English course from Institute of International Teachers Training is designed to enhance one’s speaking skills in the English language. Since English is now the international medium of expression, it is necessary to master the language to stay connected with the world. By joining the course, candidates will learn the elements of the language and acquire the confidence to speak fluently and correctly with their friends and teachers. They will face no problems while communicating in schools, universities or in any public place.

Candidates will learn the pronunciation of words, their meanings and make sentences which will help them to overcome speech problems in active communications. They will also learn new words interactively through games designed especially for students who need to improve their vocabulary.

Course Duration:

The maximum duration of the course is 240 hours which covers a period of 12 months(1 Year).The flexibility to finish it in a shorter span of time is also available. For further guidance kindly get in touch with the admission’s department.

Focus of the Training

  • The course emphasizes on the basics of pronunciation and confidence building
  • The training comprises of nouns, pronouns, verbs and other elements of grammar
  • The training includes techniques of engaging in continuous conversation with others

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum eligibility criteria for taking up the course is class 10

Modes of Learning

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Course Fees

The course is available at an affordable fee of 18,000 INR.(300 USD for International students)

* Additional 18% GST applicable on all Course Fees

Hands-on Training

24x7 Student

100% Job Assistance

  • Aspiring teachers : who want to begin their careers as an early childhood instructor
  • Teachers : who are looking for an up-gradation as well as a review of the teaching methods and tactics
  • Young mothers : who want to be an effective educator at home for their children
  • Homemakers : who are looking to take up a job that will help in maintaining the work-home balance
  • Career changers : who want a shift in their career
  • Entrepreneurs : who are interested in opening pre-school
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  • Course material
  • Teaching assignments

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