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About Us

International Institute of Teachers Training (IITT) makes a special effort to connect to those who are passionate about the education sector, especially the visionary, young and enterprising women entrepreneurs, to become our Educational Learning Partners. Education industry is one of the best and safest with high returns. It not only has financial but also a satisfaction quotient. The most reliable workplace for women to startup their own business under total support and guidance of IITT. An individual or an institution looking to start or expand business within the education sector, school administrators intending to create own space in the society, the quality conscious individuals who are genuinely interested in shaping careers are our ideal business partners. To combine your networks and skills with our expertise in International Teaching practices, we invite not franchise but partnership applications from those with a proactive approach and zeal to witness comprehensive growth.

Want to Start

your own Education Business?

Are you looking for the right opportunity to open your own educational institute for training teachers? Do you have the qualities to start your own business? If your answer is yes, then IITT is your ultimate destination. We provide the perfect platform for ambitious people who have the vision to implement effective strategies and vision to take an organization to the next level. We’re encouraging you to become our partner and launch your business for either upgrading the skills of trained teachers or developing brand new skills and aptitude in aspirants.

Due to the growing demand for proficient teachers with upgraded skills and modern teaching methodologies, you can reap huge benefits by collaborating with us. You can not only capitalize on the situation but also become pioneers in education. With the increase in the number pre and primary education institutes, you can produce the best teaching professionals with the right blend of knowledge and discipline. By taking this opportunity you can help the teaching aspirants spread the light of education and erudition for the betterment of the society and produce academically productive kids. We will extend our cooperation and support in the beginning so that you can use our brand name and take the organization forward and scale newer heights of success.

If you’re passionate about becoming an edupreneur and dreaming to make it big then we can provide you the support. Edupreneur are generally propelled by objectives and bring to light positive impact. They perform the tasks and responsibilities of introducing latest edtech tools, running new schools, and giving keynote speeches around the world. They promote 21st-century academic mindset that extends beyond the classroom.


What is

Education Learning Partnership (ELP)?

An education learning partner is an edupreneur who has the vision to introduce new learning tools, integrate technologies for honing the skills of the candidates and smoothly runs newly established schools, colleges, and universities. In a nutshell, she/he is an authorized franchise of a brand sharing mutual business objectives, values, principles, and interests.

An education learning partner delivers unique learning experiences on campus or in the classroom, design learner and trainer curriculum and tie up with premier educational institutions to provide teaching programs. With education becoming technology-based and more comprehensive, she/he is always ready to come up with their own ideas and take the organization forward. In this way she/he helps in shaping up the future of the learners who


Our Partners

Success Stories of our ELP

Who can

Join as an ELP?

Are you an ambitious person who has a detailed business plan, financial viability and long-term vision to excel? Are you looking to set up your education business and become an entrepreneur? Then IITT is the best place to get started. We are presenting you the best opportunity to become our franchise to train and prepare teachers with skills and knowledge for tomorrow at pre & primary, nursery and Montessori level.

With in-depth professional courses, countless successful students worldwide, globally accredited certification, experienced trainers, latest curriculum, we are one of the leaders in the industry and best in the business of education. Joining us as partner will help you amalgamate your creative and administrative skills and enjoy an extra source of revenue every month.

We have education learning partners from different backgrounds and it is our firm belief that our franchise opportunity will be highly lucrative for those individuals who have the following backgrounds.


  • Teachers who have professional experience and contacts
  • Preschool owners who’re looking for extra sources of revenue with their existing infrastructure
  • Women who like to become independent and become an entrepreneur by working from home
  • Trainers who would like to incorporate teachers training in their curriculum
  • Educational institutes who would like to provide training to the teachers and capitalize on the lucrative education sector

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Why IITT ?

Online learning platform

Explore our robust e-learning mode of training with comprehensive study materials, live and recorded digital workshops, webinars, and live streaming videos. Partner with us in online teaching for sustainable development.

Globally accepted Certificate

Collaborate with us to empower learners with globally recognized certificate at the end of the course and help them open the doors of success with 100% placements at reputed Indian and foreign schools.

Award winning Teachers training

Partner with us for our exhaustive courses, innovative teaching methodologies and approaches, advanced pedagogies, child psychology, and effective lessons on developing communication skills.

Most Popular Courses - International Teachers Training

What you get ?

At IITT, we think about our partners and look forward to collaborating with them for a long time. After becoming our franchise, you can reap several benefits such as.

  • You can start and operate your business from the comfort of your home, and you don’t need to attend the classroom or visit the campus to monitor the progress.
  • We will help you boost your business by providing you 100 enquiries every month from your region .You can also come up with your own marketing strategies for generating more students for the initial 6 months.
  • You can use our payment gateway for collecting payments from students. You can also consider purchasing a separate gateway.
  • We will develop a separate landing page website for marketing purpose
  • Attestation support and assistance shall be given once the courses get completed.
  • Assisting students with placement becomes our primary motive immediately after taking the admission.
  • There are internships and industrial training as practical sessions incorporated in the syllabus which students can undertake in schools that we have collaborated with.
  • You will receive a certificate of Authorized Education Learning Partner from us after completing the course you’ve enrolled for.
  • You will get online support from trainers (24x7) in the e-learning services.

How we

Support our Partners

We support them through mentoring programs, meetings and conferences, communication platforms, and operations, training and procedures manuals.

Being IITT`s Educational Learning Partner, you get a fair share of our expertise along with our brand reputation, that provides a head start to your business. Not only that, you need not worry about hiring trainers for your centre because you get complete academic support from IITT H.O. To add to that, all necessary support to facilitate your marketing activities are provided in order to shoulder a major share of responsibility off our ELPs. Unlike any conventional franchisee model, IITT`s ELP programme is based on our motto of working together with our Educational Learning Partners at every step.


Demand of Teachers Training

Aspirant teachers require adequate skills & aptitude to nurture children

Updated curriculum

Candidates look for latest modules of study for expertise & skill development

Demand of Online Teachers Training

Online training for teachers provide the best groundwork for teaching principles

Demand of Teachers

Premier pre and primary schools prefer to hire competent teachers for children

Transforming school to an

online Training Platform

With learners worldwide becoming more tech-savvy, the popularity of professional online programs has increased. The domain of teaching is also not lagging behind. Infact online courses in various teaching modules such as child psychology, communicative English, grammar enrichment, elementary teaching education, child behavior, advance pedagogy and others are very much in demand because they can be undertaken from any part of the globe. The classes are also flexible.

At IITT, we consider the virtual digital world as a potent medium of education so our new-age e-learning facilities are step ahead than others and strive to make aspirants upgraded from every angle. It makes them complete global professional with the amalgamation of right skills, knowledge, and aptitude.

Looking to

Become an Education Entrepreneur?

  • Fulfill your dream to your own education business by using our brand name & reputation.
  • To get started with your own teachers training institute you need to possess the requisite amount of land
  • Establish a detailed plan and your financial viability to get our support & encouragement

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Our Accreditation, value of our Certificate and Global Acceptance

IITT presents globally recognized teaching programs for professionals at pre & primary, nursery and Montessori level. We are delighted to collaborate with top colleges and universities to present latest curriculum and learning modules. Hence, the advantage of enrolling at our institute is that aspirants will get the opportunity to become global instructors and find jobs worldwide. We provide placements at top schools in India, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and others. It means you can always relocate when you want and settle abroad with our accreditation.

We’ve found global partners such as Lincoln University, NCTE, Cambridge English teacher to collaborate with us. They make sure the programs are of international standards and help in enriching the skills and knowledge of the teaching aspirants.

Few schools where

our Students Working at Present

  • Abu Dhabi

  • Oman

  • saudi arabia

  • Riyadh

  • china

  • Nigeria

  • Qatar

  • China

  • Kuwait

  • FIJI

  • Malaysia

  • India

  • India

  • India

  • Nigeria

  • India

  • India

  • India

  • India

  • India

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  • India

  • Kuwait

  • India

Joining Process

Submit KYP form

Finalise a day for a visit and approval of your center

Final Approval and ELP Fees payment

Ready to start.

Our Student Base

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Our Courses


  • Pre & Primary Teachers Training
  • Educational Leadership Administration Management
  • Special Needs Education
  • Elementary Education(D.El.Ed)
  • Early Childhood Care and Education(ECCE)
  • Teaching Yoga

Post Graduate Diploma

  • International Post Graduate Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training
  • International Post Graduate Diploma In Educational Leadership Administration Management
  • International Post Graduate Diploma In Special Needs Education
  • International Post Graduate Diploma In Early Childhood Care and Education

Certificate Courses

  • Teaching Grammar
  • School Administration
  • Montessori Teachers Training
  • Classroom Material Development
  • Language Enrichment
  • Early Childhood Health and Wellness

CPD Courses

  • Teaching Mathematics
  • Science and EVS
  • EPL and Sensorial
  • Teaching Writing- Old Tricks & New Idea
  • Classroom Management
  • Child Abuse and Laws

Advanced Diploma

  • International Advance Diploma Pre & Primary Teachers Training

Present Locations

  • Orissa
  • Chennai
  • Goa
  • Surat
  • Vadodra
  • Anand
  • Ahmedabad
  • Indore
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • trivandum
  • Tirunalvelli
  • Bahrain
  • UK
  • UAE
  • Oman
  • Qatar

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