We Feel It’s Our Responsibility to Extend Our Placement Assistance & Support to Every Student

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Our Placement Portal Guides Students Methodically for Career Growth & Motivation

The portal caters to countless teaching aspirants and connects them with leading recruiters which are top Indian & foreign schools.

Placement Portal

Institute of International Teachers Training offers full placement assistance for all of its candidates who have completed a course. The Placement Portal from IITT is the online platform which acts as the gateway to a successful employment for its candidates.

After completing a course a student will need to register in this Placement Portal with the CV and other details. After the registration is complete the candidate will be able to find the list of all the open vacancies for the post in which she or he wants to apply. The candidate can browse through and select the open positions and click Apply. The employers will instantly receive the candidate’s CV and if they find him or her suitable, they will contact the candidates.

At IITT we work hard for the employment of our candidates who have dedicated themselves to teaching. Since there is a huge demand for teachers at Primary, Pre – Primary, Nursery and Montessori Teachers at school throughout the world, we aim to fulfill the posts through the portal. We also wish to make job application a hassle free process for our candidates.

There are no charges for the registration process in this portal and candidates get lifetime membership to search for jobs through the portal.

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