Become an expert in educating special children with our International PG Diploma Course in Special Needs education.

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International PG Diploma in Special Needs Education

Excel as a special needs educator and bring a change in society by educating the important members of our societies.

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About The Course

The International Post Graduate Diploma Course in Special Needs Education is a pioneering venture in the field of education undertaken exclusively by the Institute of International Teachers Training. The special needs course focuses on the growth and learning procedures of special children for their complete all-round development. Special children are born with special needs that hamper the growth under a normal learning environment. This course aims to provide a suitable and congenial environment for special children along with normal children to fulfill their learning requirements. The teachers learn to educate them following unique strategies and techniques to overcome of their disability.

The course trains special educators following the international curriculum with contemporary teaching methods to provide updated knowledge. Teachers learn to develop confidence and self-acceptance in children through different activities involving self-expression. The course aims to develop other skills in educating special children like patience, diligence, understanding, humbleness, analytical thinking, and encouraging skills.

Special needs educator may work as a special teacher in a normal school where special children study with other children or as a specialist in special schools. The certificate course aims to impart the various crucial theories, the behavioural outcomes, the special needs, methods of teaching them and many more through the comprehensive course materials. The course is specially designed to impart concrete knowledge about the developmental and educational requirements of the children. The course helps the teachers to develop critical analytical thinking in handling various aggressive and disruptive behaviours from the children. The teachers become adept in managing the children and help them overcome intolerant behaviours to be socially acceptable. The special educators play a vital role in the lives of special children in their development process to learn and grow to the best of their abilities.

With the internationally accepted certificate, the special educators get the abundant scope at the global level to work in the place of their choice.

Course Duration:

The maximum duration of the course is 480 hours which covers a period of 2 Years.

Focus of the Training

  • The training focuses on the all-round development of special children to make them prosper in life.
  • The course includes fundamental principles and theories of special needs and the crucial teaching methods and strategies.
  • The advanced methods and international techniques of special needs education and behaviour management.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum eligibility criteria for taking up the course are Graduation in any stream.

Modes of Learning

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  • Aspiring teachers : who want to pursue their careers as special teachers for special needs children in any school internationally.
  • Teachers : who desire to upgrade and learn the modern techniques and strategies of special education.
  • Young mothers : who want to nurture their special children and help them grow efficiently.
  • Homemakers : who intend to work and become self-dependent and balance home and work equally.
  • Career changers : who aspire to shift and develop their career prospects with a social motive.
  • Entrepreneurs : who are passionate about opening a school for special children.
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