We Take Every Measure to Enrich & Enhance the Skills of Our Trainers

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We Regularly Organize Training Programs & Workshops to Guide & Motivate Our Trainers

We believe it is our responsibility to extend our support & encouragement to our trainers & instructors to maximize their creative potential.

Our Trainer Support

Institute of International Teachers Training is committed to imparting the best quality education for its candidates. It focuses on the performance of the students undergoing the courses. The expert trainers of IITT evaluate the progress of each and every student and provide feedback and suggestions accordingly so that they can improve their weak areas.

The trainers of IITT also assess the candidates to point out the fields in which they need to improve such as practice-teaching or the understanding of a particular topic. If they find that due to some reasons a candidate’s concept is not clear on any of the areas mentioned above, they provide individual attention along with special classes to clear their doubts. Similarly, if a candidate faces a problem regarding a module or the teaching method that is to be practised in a classroom, he or she can approach our trainers personally for doubt clearance.

We at IITT believe in the process of effective teaching-learning in the classroom and our trainers interact with our candidates in a free-flowing manner to make the process of learning an enjoyable one. While teaching a course they engage in brief question-answer sessions with the students. After the end of each chapter, the trainers ask some questions to the students and let the students ask them questions. In this way, the trainers are able to perceive the level of understanding of each and every candidate pursuing a course.

The trainers guide the students extensively in completing their assigned projects. The topic of the project is being selected by our trainers but at times the students are also given a few topics from which they can select from. If, while completing the project a student faces a problem, he or she can get in touch with the trainer who will help the student immediately by providing tips on the subject.

If a student wants to meet her trainer in person for any queries or to clear any doubts, she can contact him or her from Monday to Saturday in between 9:30 A.M to 8:00 pm by phone, email or chat.

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