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We Keep the Details of Our Students Confidential and Use Cookies for Privacyuse cookies for privacy

At IITT, we keep the details of our students private & confidential and they are only available for use by third parties for marketing & sales

Privacy Policy

We at Institute of International Teachers Training take the matter of privacy very seriously. As a visitor or client of our organization, it is necessary for you to know our privacy policy which consists of your control over the information you provide and how we handle them.

Our privacy policy covers:

  • How personal information is gathered
  • Type of information that has been gathered from the user
  • Sharing of information with third party (if any)

Information that we collect

  • Information that we collect and related procedures:

Registration forms or online surveys

When you register to our website, your personal information is being collected to manage and maintain your account. The data from online survey form (if any) provides us with an insight to your likes and dislikes so that we can improve the overall user experience including the services that we offer.


We may collect information that has been exchanged over the email to respond to any queries or a source of verification to any subject or topics that has been included in the mail or elsewhere.


The use of cookies helps us to remember user information for a fast website loading. However, we do not track a user’s computer or any other activity.

IP Address of a user

We at Institute of International Teachers Training respect user privacy. We collect IP address of a user to identify and fix problems related to connectivity and fix them to provide a smooth experience.

Sharing of information

We do not share any information with any third party except a company with whom we have a tie up, or any court orders. Additionally, we do not sell our customers’ information or private profile data.

Policy changes or updates

We will notify our clients if and when we update this policy. We will use both email and on-site notification settings to keep the users updated.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please feel free to contact us at info@iitgroup.in

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