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Admission Process

Step 1 : Fill up the online Application Form – Click here

Step 2 : On receiving the form our Course Coordinator will call and guide you with the necessary details about enrollment.

Support From Institute Of International Teachers Training

Distance Mode

Online students receive an email with their username and password with which they can access their course material.

The students can call their tutors from Monday-Saturday between 9:30 am – 8:00 pm. They can also contact the tutors via email or chat. The students can also contact the study centre and the meet the tutors.

Online Mode

To prepare you for each of the assignments there will be MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) after the completion of each phase (From Chapter 1- Chapter 10).

The MCQ’s will be available online and needs to be attempted online. The scores will reflect on the screen on completion of the online test.

After enrolling for the Online Teachers Training course with Institute Of International Teachers Training the online tutor will contact you via email. You will be provided with a link along with a username and password, through which you can access the course material. The access to each phase will be given at a time. There are ten phases; each phase needs to be finished within a fixed time and the assignments to be submitted online for evaluation. In case of any issues regarding the access our support team will guide you with all integrity.

The online course material will include the course material along with the videos. Each phase will have assignments which the students need to submit for evaluation.

All your assignments for Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery will be evaluated by our academic tutors and the access to the next phases will be given on completion of the previous one. The online course material is available in both downloadable and printable version. It is advisable for the students to download the pdf version of the course materials. In case of any doubts, the students are requested to get in touch with the online tutor through email, chat or telephone. The students can also do self-research on the Internet or thorough other sources to improvise the quality of their assignments. They can also go for an optional Montessori or Primary or Preprimary or Nursery teaching practice to some school. There will also be a research paper which they need to submit. The papers will be evaluated by the tutor and the students will be granted the certificate on completion.

The certificate will also be sent to the students by courier on successful completion of the course.

After enrolling for the Distance Teachers Training course for Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery, with Institute Of International Teachers Training; you will receive the course materials like text books, assignment books to your shipping address. It will take around seven working days, from the date of registration, to reach the students place. The consignment number will be emailed to you from the Admin Desk, so that the movement can be tracked. The students are requested to get in touch with the Admin Desk in case of any delays in receiving the course materials. There are ten phases; each phase needs to be finished within a fixed time. In case of any doubts, the students are requested to get in touch with the online tutor through email, chat or over telephone.

The assignments for Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teaching will be assigned by the academic trainer and needs to be submitted for evaluation on time. Once an assignment is completed, it must be sent via post to your academic tutor for the process of evaluation. The tutor will evaluate your work and put her remarks which will prove beneficial for you in future.

We have a group of highly qualified and devoted trainers, having experience for years in the field of Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teaching. They can be reached in case of any doubts in terms of learning anything about the course.

There is a provision for an optional teaching practice session at a nearby Pre & Primary school, by taking permission from the school authority. The teaching practice session is an important part of any teacher training program (Online, Distance or Class-room coaching) as it helps in getting accustomed to the classroom environment and acculturates with the students. We will help you with a Commendation Letter from the Academics’ Director of our Institute which you can produce to the school authorities to grant permission for the Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teaching practice session at their school.

You also need to complete a project work at the end of all the reading chapters. This final project is critical in deciding how well you have learned from the course. On the basis of your performance in the project work, a final evaluation will be done by trainers and the certificate will be granted to you.

The globally recognized International Pre & Primary Teachers Training Certificate will be couriered to your address once you finish the course. We will assist you in getting you placed on completion of the course.

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