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Both Teaching Aspirants & Working Professionals Can Undertake Our Courses and Get Competitive Edge

All our courses are student-centric and are designed to help them acquire new skills & broaden their horizon on various teaching principles.

Who Should Attend

Institute of International Teachers Training provides a wide array of courses for aspiring teachers. The courses are designed in such a way that students can easily grasp the concepts. Along with that, our expert faculty is ready to help the students at all times. Our courses emphasize the advanced teaching methods that a candidate should know to teach kids. We give special attention to the teaching-learning methods of numbers, language and environmental science aiming to develop cognitive abilities with the help of technology, art, music, storytelling and other interactive ways. Any person who is interested in using these approaches to teach young children can take up our course(s)..

Early childhood educators play a pivotal role in laying the building blocks of a child’s insight of the surroundings and the subjects that are being taught. A primary and a pre-primary teacher also act as a role model for a child helping her in the process of growth and development.

Candidates from any profession can take up our courses. The curriculum is devised in such a way that candidates from professions other than teaching will find it easy to follow. Let us now take a look at who can attend our courses

  • Homemakers – If you are a homemaker and want to teach children at your free time, our courses are perfect for you as these will allow you to take up teaching as a part-time profession in an institution. You can opt for a full-time job also after undergoing our International Diploma or International Advanced Diploma courses.
  • Career changers – Those willing to switch their careers and pursue teaching can opt for our International Diploma and International Advanced Diploma courses. Since primary and pre-primary teachers are very high in demand hence they will have no problems in getting a job as a teacher aiming to educate children.
  • Active Teachers – Teachers contribute to the creation of knowledge base in the society and look for ways to enhance them. The young generation gets influenced from the teachers with which they attain the capacity to face future challenges. Hence, it is important that the teachers keep themselves updated with the modern methodologies of teaching to guide the next generation learners in the evolving education system.
  • Entrepreneurs – At present institutions require good administrators for which we offer our course on International Diploma in Educational Leadership. This course is very helpful for Entrepreneurs as it addresses issues related to the institutional and administrative framework and development of school curriculum.
  • Aspiring Teachers – Teachers who wish to impart education to children will find our courses to be the most helpful. Teachers will gain the knowledge of not only teaching children but also to nurture them and help them become caring and responsible human beings.

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