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Importance of Teachers Training

Institute of International Teachers Training is a Government of India registered institute with a mission to train teachers seeking to impart child education. Our comprehensive teaching procedures of international standards have produced brilliant teachers who have dedicated themselves to shape the lives of children from various backgrounds. Our unparalleled study programmes with state of the art organizational infrastructure have made us an acclaimed institution and a leader in providing Teachers’ Training. Based in Kolkata, Institute of International Teachers Training provides globally recognized Pre and Primary Teacher Training. Our specialized teaching techniques with extensive modules, expert faculty and support have drawn international recognition. With an in-depth approach to the discipline, we make sure that our trainees know everything required to be a great teacher. Our courses include International Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training, International Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training, and much more. The courses will provide all the aspects of child education with a complete learning experience helping the teacher in her valuable contribution to a child’s development.

Our Course

We offer a plethora of courses for candidates wanting to be Primary and Pre-primary teachers. Candidates can choose their desired courses and mode of attendance such as Online / E-learning or Distance Learning. Our courses are also carried out in class or at our centres.


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