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Certificate Course in Special Needs Education

About The Course

Special education programs of Institute Of International Teachers Training are to serve kids from pre & primary that has a disability that might interfere with the educational process. The special needs Education course promotes academic progress by providing the least restrictive environment and tailoring instruction and assessment to the individual. In an inclusive classroom, students with disabilities and other special needs are taught with non-disabled students, instead of being isolated in a special education classroom. To help meet students’ varied needs, a special education teacher may work alongside a general education teacher in an inclusive classroom.

Teachers with a certification of special needs education also aids to socialize special needs students as it is urgent to their personal growth and learning social skills that will be useful in the lives. Teachers who do this course can teach life skills to special kids.

Special education certificate course also teach teachers how to guide children with disabilities or impairments about their behavior that is appropriate and acceptable by society. Some students with disabilities may showcase behaviors that are objectionable, offensive or disruptive to social and classroom situations. Special education allows for some tolerance of these behaviors within the instructional environment, as teachers work to educate the student academically and behaviorally. Students who are overly aggressive or exhibit behaviors that are socially inappropriate benefit from special education teachers.

In a nutshell, special needs education is also a kind of social work, which we all, need to encourage and inspire.

Course Duration: The course duration is of 60 hours which covers a period of 3 months to complete the course. The flexibility to finish it in a shorter span of time is also available. For further guidance kindly get in touch with the admission’s department.

Eligibility criteria: 10 + 2

Course Curriculum :
We are introducing Special Needs Education as special kids also deserve good education among normal students and lead a normal life. Early Childhood and the role of special needs education is our opening theme which has a wealth of practical and educational resources specific to infants, toddlers, their families, and professionals who serve them.

Now-a- days special children are well treated and many rules are also being passed for their benefits. There is a huge demand for special needs education teachers as these children have certain specific ways to intake lessons in school, which only a special needs education teacher is aware of.

Our course is related to Child Development and their different problems acting as barriers to proper education. How persistent concern about children can be taken care of, and what Special Education teachers should do is the matter here. Early identification of disabilities is strongly associated with positive outcomes.

The course also deals with different types of disabilities, how it prevails, its characteristics and how to handle them etc. Some of the included problems are like: – Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment,Cerebral Palsy & Multiple Disabilities, ADHD.

It also provides a detailed study of Neuro-muscular and locomotors disabilities which bears a valuable information on what kind of problems are faced by children with these difficulties, how to detect and provide solutions to these kids etc.

Our sole purpose is to create teachers in this special needs educational field so that many suffering children, (Tare Zamin Par) their parents and the society members may feel that everyone is equal as well as significant.

Course Fees : certificate course in Special Needs Education fee is Rs 10,000 for online mode (200 USD for International students)

* Additional 18% GST applicable on all Course Fees

Modes of Learning

  Online / E-Learning

  Distance Learning

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