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International PG Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training

International Post Graduation Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training with Specialization in Material Development & Management and Educational Leadership & Administration Program

About The Course

The Post Graduate Diploma in Pre-Primary is a specialized program for preparing teachers for the Pre-primary level. In recent years, there is a rising demand for qualified personnel to work with young children, in pre-primary schools. Not all pre-primary schools are run by trained teachers who know how to best facilitate learning in young children. This course, therefore, equip the teachers with the latest approaches and skills to give the best possible start to a pre and primary teaching career. This program is not only meant for candidates who aspire to teach at the Pre-Primary level, but also for in-service teachers in this profession who want to upgrade their skills and qualification. Knowledge of various aspects of child education is also ideal for mothers who want to teach their children at home. It gives a direction to those who would like to open a pre-primary school. This program aims to prepare individuals to understand the needs and cognitive development of children.

Course Duration: The maximum duration of the course is 360 hours which covers a period of 18 months.

Eligibility criteria: Graduation

Course Fees : The course fee for the International Post Graduation Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training is Rs 45,000/-(900 USD for International students)

* Additional 18% GST applicable on all Course Fees

  • Aspiring teachers : who want to begin their careers as an early childhood instructor
  • Teachers : who are looking for an up-gradation as well as a review of the teaching methods and tactics
  • Young mothers : who want to be an effective educator at home for their children
  • Homemakers : who are looking to take up a job that will help in maintaining the work-home balance
  • Career changers : who want a shift in their career
  • Entrepreneurs : who are interested in opening pre-school

Admission letter and call
Course material
Teaching assignments

International Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training:

Chapter 1: Child & Behavioral Psychology
Chapter 2: Approaches of Early Childhood Education
Chapter 3: Characteristics of Young Learners
Chapter 4: Importance of Language Learning
Chapter 5: EPL & Sensorial
Chapter 6: Teaching Writing Skills
Chapter 7: Using Technology in Classroom
Chapter 8: Evaluation
Chapter 9: Basics of Nutrition/ Health & Hygiene/ Toilet Training
Chapter 10: Classroom Management & Administration

Specialization in Teaching Grammar:

Module 1: What is Grammar?
Module 2: Word Classes
Module 3: Verb
Module 4: Grammar
Module 5: Direct and Indirect Speech
Module 6: Figures of Speech

Specialization in Montessori Teacher Training:

Module 1: Dr. Maria Montessori’s Philosophy
Module 2: Principles of Education
Module 3: Child Psychology
Module 4: Methods for the Teaching of Reading and Writing
Module 5: EPL (Exercises of practical Life)
Module 6: Sensorial

Specialization in Educational Leadership & Administration:

Module 1: Leadership Concepts & Dynamics
Module 2: Organizational Behavior & Leadership
Module 3: Educational Planning
Module 4: Administration & Management in School
Module 5: Budget Planning for School
Module 6: Best Practices and Research

Specialization in Classroom & Behavior Management:

Module 1: Importance of Classroom Management
Module 2: Role of a teacher in Classroom Management
Module 3: Classroom Management Strategies
Module 4: Behavioral Problems
Module 5: Effective Behavior Management
Module 6: Behavior Management Techniques and Strategies

Specialization in Material Development and Management:

Module 1: Materials to develop fine motor skills (2-4 years old )
Module 2: Song rhymes and games, Arty ideas, Projects
Module 3: Integrating curriculum content, Language Activities
Module 4: Activities related to Science subjects
Module 5: Classroom Material Exploitation
Module 6: Using technology

Modes of Learning

  Online / E-Learning

  Distance Learning


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