Parent Counselling


Parent Counselling means providing comforting sessions to the parents with proper instructions and guidelines so that the parents are able to understand and grasp various perspectives through such sessions. Without any judgment, without any biases, the counselor must treat them

Main features:

— Addressing psychological, emotional and social aspects of the parents

— Dealing with positive behavior and eradicating undesirable behavior.

— Better understanding of their wards

— Opening up new and advanced thinking skills.


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Scope & Opportunities:

  • Scope for understanding, evaluating and analyzing the family problems of the students
  • Scope for making alterations in perspectives, view point and thought process.
  • Scope for improving or rather erasing emotional turmoil.
  • Scope for promoting behavioral change and strengthening mental health.

Focus of the Training


Parent Counselling in a strategic and proper way develops healthy relations and strong bonding between parents and children. Even if the relationship is not working properly between the parents and the children, through proper counseling such things can be mended.

Parent Counselling is a very important tool and strategy for the parents because it acts as a coping or managing instrument for the parents. Parent Counselling improves communication and develops healthy boundaries.


  • Eradicates emotional or social problem if any
  • Fosters a healthy and refreshing mind.
  • Helpful in strategizing or planning things
  • Improved interactions and communication


Parent Counselling offers apt knowledge, guidance and all kinds of emotional and psychological support to the parents for dealing with different difficult situations. This kind of session should be arranged and conducted regularly to foster effective teacher-parent relationships as well as parent-children relationships.

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Institute of International Teachers’ Training is all set to provide the best quality workshops for the aspirant teachers who would love to step into the teaching career with the required qualities and trainings. The workshop plan to deliver the standard and excellent content for the teachers’ training program.

The teachers will get the grand opportunity to grasp the various teaching methods blended with utmost creativity and new procedures. The workshops have the touch of the New Education Policy ( NEP ), Early Childhood Care and Education ( ECCE ) ETC. A totally unique and different touch will be gained from the workshop.

This Pandemic has struck the Teachers as well as the Students within the shelter and with the online modes of teaching. The screen in between is actually becoming an obstacle for both the teachers and the students. Therefore the teachers need to or rather have to equip themselves with the latest strategies as far as online teaching is concerned.

The various challenges for online teaching are – Isolation, Technical glitches or not being Technically well versed, Not being able to monitor the actions of the students, Ineffective distance teaching, Online Learning activities not becoming so prominent or effective and many more.

Standing in the 21st century, a lot of changes have taken place under the academic shelter. From the policies to the way of teaching, everything is taking a new shape or form under the academic circumference. We at IITT, aim to provide the aspirant teachers the best and latest version of teaching technicalities so that they can accustom themselves with the new and modern technicalities and approaches.

The new approaches of teaching are – Activity based learning, Art and Craft based learning, Child Centered Learning, Collaborative Learning, Creativity Centered Learning and many more. The workshop at IITT, will help and guide and prepare the aspirant teachers to be eligible for tackling various types of teaching methods.

We at IITT, aim to carve out the best from the aspirant teachers. Our main focus is to prepare and develop those who ardently wants to become teachers. From fresh college graduates to private tutors, from seasoned teachers to research scholars planning to widen their scope for teaching can join the Workshop provided by IITT.

A candidate with a graduate degree with teachers training, or with Diploma in Elementary Education can become a Primary Teacher.

The varied types of workshop content provided by IITT, is numerous with various objectives. There are different types of workshops from various categories. So in order to nurture or hone the skills for becoming a primary teacher, IITT will deliver the best to its aspirant teachers. There are varied workshop content for becoming a primary teacher. 

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development which is a very essential and significant part of any training process. The course content and objectives are all about professional development, knowledge and skills through interactive and participation based learning.

We at IITT, aims to deliver the best CPDs to the aspirant teachers with quality content. The standard and grade of the course content will definitely help the aspirant teachers to strengthen their teaching capabilities. The CPDs are mainly divided into Content, PPT and Voice Over. The teachers will gain an in depth insight of various topics

The certificate of completion is of utmost importance after the workshops. Our certifications- be it course completion certificate or be it workshop content certificate are of utmost importance and value. The certificates are accepted widely and globally. Our foreign accreditations and awards make our Institution the most eminent one.

Our expert trainers provide overall guidance and support to the aspirant teachers. From online support to smooth deliver of the content, from easy downloadable materials to lucid technological support everything is available in a very easy and smooth way.

IITT’s workshops are also providing valuable information and customized content catering to the benefits and learning up gradation of the teachers. The expert and experienced trainers clarifies the doubts and queries of the candidates and help or assist or guide them to reach the best level of their teaching career.

IITT always crave to provide the best to its candidates. It always aim for up grading and developing the candidates in the teaching field. The most demanding and popular workshops are – Online Community Development, Using Teaching Materials for Online Learning, Designing Curriculum for Online Learning, Developing Online Lesson Plan, Teaching Aids for early ECCE, Challenges for Online Learning and so on.

The procedure for applying for the Workshop is not a difficult task. The interested candidate just need to apply from the website and the concerned person will contact that candidate. It’s just that correct information regarding the contact details must be submitted and only if the person is genuinely interested.

We at IITT, are providing plethora of workshop which are of wide variety and purpose. The workshops are even divided into various categories in case the candidate becomes confused or demented. The main four broader categories are – Early Childhood Care and Education with Primary Teachers’ Training, Primary Education, Teacher’s Development and School Administration and Management. In fact, for the convenience of the candidates, there is a separate section in the website where the candidates can easily select the course topic, timings, schedule, gender of the trainer and date. This personalized or customized selection of the workshop content or topic will make the entire execution of the plan easy and flexible.

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Why should the teachers or aspiring teachers join our CPDs ?

  • Upgrading the skills on various Teaching Methodologies.
  • Learning about Special Needs Education and Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Online Modes of Teaching
  • New Education Policy 2020
  • Help the teachers create new teaching strategies

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  • Get Internationally Accredited Certificates after successful completion of our CPDs.
  • A grand chance to elevate the teaching skills.
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