Top 6 Qualities and Strengths That an Elementary Education Teacher Must Possess

Resourceful, patient, consistent, vociferous, disciplined, flexible, dedicated, determined, nurturing and loving –isn’t there too many adjectives at once? Well, these are the essential qualities that define a good elementary education teacher.

Elementary education teachers are those teachers in a schooling system, who teaches students from grade 1-6 almost. These teachers teach students a wide range of subjects from English, to language to mathematics, in other words, all the academic subjects.

Another very important quality that defines a good teacher is achieving excellent student results. When your students achieve great results, both academically and otherwise, you know you have succeeded as a teacher.

A good teacher is one who emanates a kind of support that lets students know that they can, not only depend on her academically but trust her with all kind of life decisions. Further good teachers are not born with great teaching characteristics. A good teacher works hard and strives for acquiring qualities so that she/ he can succeed in their profession and influence the life of the students positively.

For effectively acquiring the true qualities of an elementary education teacher, what you need is intensive training and a course such as, say, a Diploma in Elementary education will help you achieve that goal. A Diploma in Elementary education not only correctly guides you through the landscape of qualities that a good elementary education teacher must possess but trains you for acquiring those qualities.

Let’s therefore, look at some of the qualities that define the strengths of a good teacher:

  1. Successful elementary education teachers are usually typified as having qualities like proper organization, good preparation and appropriate planning. So preparing daily lessons and schedules for students, making task charts and projects, setting proper goals for the school year and achieving them, outlining and scheduling lessons for the entire school year as well as making daily and weekly plan of lessons are some of the ways in which the skill of organization becomes evident in a goo elementary teacher. The environment of the classroom must also be organized and planned, such that it enhances learning. So if you really look at yourself as an aspiring teacher, make sure you have these qualities and a Diploma in elementary Education is a good place to start.
  2. Elementary education teachers further need really strong interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are skills that are inherent in you. You need strong interpersonal skills because you are the first and the foremost influencer in your students’ life. Your students look up to you and therefore a having a strong character is an important pre- requisite. Elementary teachers also are very involved in the development of each child which means they are in constant contact with the parents of their students. So not only the students but even their parents look up to the teacher, so as a result, having a strong interpersonal character, characterized by a certain amount of acquired charisma is what exactly an aspiring teacher like yourself should posses.
  3. Another very important quality of an aspiring elementary education teacher is you have to have passion for the profession of teaching. An Enthusiasm for teaching, and more so, teaching young students, is something you must possess as a teacher. If you don’t love something you do, if you don’t show enough passion towards your work, then know that the whole purpose behind that particular work is lost. The same applies to the profession of teaching. If you do not entrench your teaching with passion, teaching whole heartedly, then not only will your students be discouraged but you will let the respected profession of teaching down.
  4. To build a positive relationship with students and establish a good rapport with them, what you need as a teacher is a fun factor and sense of humor. Students, especially, in the elementary section like teachers with whom they can gel naturally. Once the students are free with you, the learning process eases out. Students tend to lose interest if a teacher is boring and delivers the teaching process lacking the element of fun and humor. Be stern but be humorous, because being too easy going may prove to be a problem, whereby the students refuse to respect and abide the teacher. So as a teacher you should be stern but at the same time should be fun and humorous, so that your students respect you but at the same time are open and free in your presence. Too much mirth and on the contrary, too much fear will destroy the purpose of teaching.
  5. Discipline is another quality that clearly shows the strength of a teacher. Having the quality of discipline is different for being organized. A teacher may be organize ad planned but following them with a certain discipline will what will make them successful. Further once you practice discipline as a teacher, your students will automatically be influenced by that discipline, and infuse that discipline in their lives. So without discipline, you as a teacher may assign lessons to your students, but whether they will do it with discipline and determination is the big question. Howe ever if there is a certain discipline infused in the whole process then the entire learning and teaching process will run smoothly.
  6. A sense of purpose is another quality that is important and must have for every elementary teacher. You must have a purpose behind your teaching. Without a certain purpose, the very essence of education is lost and as a result of that both the process of teaching and learning suffers.

Hence these are the basic and top qualities that an elementary education teacher must possess. People are not born with these qualities, there is an urgent need to acquire these qualities and opting for a Diploma in elementary education will help you to master these qualities. This is because usually a Diploma in elementary education course will not only give you an understanding of the nitty-gritty’s of elementary education but will also intensively train you to be an elementary teacher with the best of qualities.