The Importance and Methods of Enriching Your English Vocabulary

Enriching your vocabulary is very important for several reasons. You can communicate confidently with others, ask for directions when you are traveling (in a foreign country), appearing at job interviews, pursuing academics etc. Enriching the English vocabulary is not just about knowing a lot of words but improving the pronunciations and properly structuring of sentences as well. You can learn these by registering yourself at a certificate course in language enrichment from a teachers training institute.

Enrichment of any language and not just English is important so that you can communicate and discuss important matters with any people. Additionally, a good stock of words always helps in enhancing communication, as well as writing.

An enriched vocabulary creates an impact on others. When you have the skills to use a language in a structured way i.e. including good words, keeping the matter lucid etc. it creates an impression that you are smart. People will also start to approach you more.

Reasons for Enriching the Vocabulary List of English Words

  • Vocabulary development for reading comprehensions

If you want to qualify for exams such as ACT, MCAT or SAT you need to enrich your language as these exams will test your proficiency in both English grammar and vocabulary when reading comprehensions.

  • Improving communication skills

As mentioned already, improving your communication skills are required for numerous purposes. Apart from engaging in thoughtful discussions, you can better express yourself as well as understand the individual with whom you are communicating.

  • Enrichment leading to better personal, social and career life

Language enrichment can help you perceive the world better. During the process, you will understand not only the words, sentence structures or pronunciations but also the concept of all these and how or why they are used. With proper training in a language enrichment course, you will also be able to clear many misconceptions that you had about several words and their uses.

On a social level, you will face no problems in communicating with your friends, family or other individuals. You can even give eloquent speeches after attaining a certain level of grasp in the English language.

Apart from engaging in thoughtful discussions, you can better express yourself as well as understand the individual with whom you are communicating

Procedures for Enriching Your English

There are several ways in which you can enrich your English. Apart from joining a certificate course in language enrichment, you can start with multiple meaning words which have more than one meaning. They used in many phrases and sentences and it is natural that many beginners do not understand the real meaning at all times. These words are called ‘homonyms’. Studying these words will help in understanding the context to which these are used when written or spoken.

Some of the procedures are:

  1. Look up words in the dictionary if you do not know them. Additionally, refer to a thesaurus for learning synonyms.
  2. Learn new words from online websites and add them to your list of words for practice.
  3. Read books as much as you can. In the process, you will encounter a lot of words and writing styles which will help you to structure your sentences and recall words quickly when you are communicating.
  4. Playing games such as crosswords or scribbles help in enhancing the vocabulary. Besides, these games are fun and addictive and you can spend a good time with these.
  5. Learning foreign languages, especially romance languages like French, Spanish, Italian or Greek will assist in enriching your language quickly.

When taking up a language enrichment course you will go through all of these procedures that we have mentioned above. With practice and dedication, you will eventually become better in communication as well as writing.