Start Your Career as a Teacher with Certificate Course in Montessori Teachers Training

Are you looking to learn the basic skills to children aging in between 2 to 10 years? Do you want to be a part of imparting progressive education to children at Montessori level? If your answer is yes, then you need to imbibe the basic skills and knowledge which can only come through a Montessori teachers training course.

The Montessori approach is a famous teaching method to impart fundamental education of children as per their innate psychological requirements and tailor-made according to their learning preferences. This form of educational approach was first initiated by Italian physician and instructor Maria Montessori, who perceived that children blossom and develop best when they are provided the freedom to learn at their own pace and freely interact with their surroundings. If you’re looking to be a Montessori teacher, a Certificate course in Montessori teachers training will lay the foundation for a brilliant teaching career ahead.

Need for undertaking Montessori teachers training course for aspirants

As a beginner, you need training irrespective of the kind of profession you choose. Whether it is a technical or creative field, undertaking proper training can help you acquire specific set of skills and professionalism to excel.

As an apprentice pursuing a Certificate course in Montessori teachers training will help you acquire the necessary skills and become proficient in every aspect of teaching. The number of Montessori schools and educational institutes has increased and they look for qualified teachers who can build perfect relationship with children for trust, understand their psychology and advanced pedagogy, organize and manage classroom in the best possible way, and incorporate classes and activities that boost their academic productivity.

Since you’ll be dealing with kids, the certificate course in Montessori teachers training will equip you in such a way that you can aid in their development in this critical stage. The various learning modules of the program will empower you to foster creativity and language skills in children, create comprehensive instructional materials on all subjects and create a classroom environment conducive to learning.

The principles of the Montessori Method are applied in all the teaching sessions of the course. With this spontaneous and unrestricted approach to learning, you can help children become proactive, independent and encourage free thinking. You can learn all the principles, ideologies, and practices of Montessori education through theoretical and practical sessions where expert trainers will guide you with quality study materials and hands-on training.

With the practical classes, you can explore the little things you can do with the children while teaching and how they can bring a huge difference in their cognitive evolution, sensory development. Motor skills, and academic performance.

How the course will help you to foster kids and encourage teaching in a stimulating environment of a Montessori school?

Throughout the course, you will get extensive practical training which will help you to teach children in a stimulating learning environment similar to a Montessori so that you can get adapted and fit into the set-up.

Since Montessori schools concentrate on early education and on stimulating kids toward growing independently, you’ll be taught to become progressive, disciplined and professional from the very beginning.

The theoretical elements of the certificate course will focus on creating a classroom environment that encourages learning of the children. You’ll be taught basic strategies that helps in classroom management and improve academic performance. You’ll also get lessons on pedagogy, child psychology, education and society, role of technology in Montessori education, principles of teaching etc.

Institute of International Teachers Training (IITT) takes pleasure in introducing student-centric certificate  course in Montessori teachers training to prepare and guide you for the challenges and tasks  that lie ahead.  Join us now if you’re passionate about teaching children.