Special needs education: its importance and usefulness in the society

Everyone cannot learn equally.  Some students are suffering due to certain physical and mental debilities. They cannot learn like the other agile students. The learning process of these students takes much more time due to their physical and mental limitation. The disease such as dyslexia, autism, cerebral palsy and many other makes them incompetent and much weaker in comparison to other students. In order to offer quality education to this community Special needs education course offers profound support. This is the course for the teachers because the teachers need special preparation before their conducting classes to these pupils.

Why special training is needed?

The idea of special education is getting governed by the concept‘education for all’. It is the responsibility of the academic institution and the national government of any state to disseminate education among the ordinary people of the country. The effectiveness of the education is only traceable when it is getting applied to improve the quality of the life for the individual. The term quality of life does indicate the material, psychological and spiritual well-being of the people. Education can be the tool of betterment, no one should get deprived of this. Many people cannot learn like others. They fall behind in the atmosphere of hyper-competition. It is Special needs education that can support them in this regard.

How it can help in real life?

The training and education for people with special needs offer benefits for people from two different categories. First one is physically or mentally challenged communities who cannot adjust themselves with ever changing situational demand. The training of Special needs education can help them to gain certain faculties to handle the situational demand successfully. For instance, Douglas Bader may be exceptional but not impossible. He was the great hero from United Kingdom who confirmed 22 real victories in Second World War after amputation of both of his legs. Great Douglas conquered the battle of life and won the title of the Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. He seated a great example for the posterity. Education for special need can help the lesser agile individual to acquire the ability to overcome the physical and psychological issues which are eroding their competence.

The educational training for people with a special need can contribute profuse help in this regard, to the instructors because offering the education for this need is the part of social responsibility for the individual and government. The quality education is the prime dearth in this case. In order to offer quality education to these people, the faculty needs to undergo special training.  They can get the adequate support from Special needs education course, a formal training program such as this kind can offer the needed characteristics for the potential candidates. The training for the special need can be an opportunity for the teaching staffs to get the idea of the exact need of the students to belong to this category.  This training can help the faculty to acquire the following characteristics.

  • Special needs educational laws
  • How to teach reading to the children with special needs
  • The teaching of writing
  • The teaching of listening skill
  • Behavioral management and the self-regulation

In conclusion, it can be said that many schools are trying to minimize their cost that is the reason the education for the student with special needs is getting neglected. It is the responsibility of the teachers and the government to encourage the schools in this regard. Private institutions are not ready to comply with any imposition from the government in this regard. In order to encourage their attitude the government can offer special reward in this category or it can be the gesture of the social responsibility from their end. The development of awareness in this regard is one of the major tasks of education for the special need. The propagation of this training program can offer a lasting impact on society.