Some Fun Activities You Can Plan Out For Children with Special Needs

There are numerous fun activities that a teacher can plan out for children with special needs. The aim of planning out these activities is to engage the children into something interactive which they will enjoy doing and might even learn something from them and in a special needs education course provided by a teacher training institute, you can learn about these activities in details. Let us now take a look at some of these.

Some Fun-Filled Activities for Children with Special Needs

Children love Bubbles

All children love bubbles. As a teacher, you can create bubbles with the bubble wand and a container with soap water. Children will love them and will want to pop them. You can do this in the classroom or on the outdoors sitting up or lying down. All in all, bubbles provide a great experience for children with special needs.

Some children will want to create bubbles by seeing you. In this situation, you can hand them over the wand and teach them the method. However, you need to be extremely careful so that they do not put the soap water into their mouths.

Organize a Picnic

Differently abled children frequently face stress as they have to fight their disabilities every day. To mitigate the problem you can organize a picnic.

A picnic is a great outdoor activity where you will carry the necessary food and other materials to keep the children engaged. If you plan to do it outdoors then you can also invite the parents as it will be easier for you and them to supervise their children.

You can also organize indoor picnics directly in the classroom or in an open spot inside the school premises. Though this is a great activity where you can educate many topics through interactive sessions, not all children will be able to participate as this depends on the degree of their disability. Children with a higher degree of disabilities might face problems so a consultation with your school administrator is necessary. The steps to organizing a picnic can be found in the special needs education course.

Children with a higher degree of disabilities might face problems so a consultation with your school administrator is necessary

Different types of Play

There are different types of play activities that you can keep for your students with special needs. If they do not have physical disabilities, you can teach them to make small models or figures of their own choice with plasticine, a type of modeling clay. When they will be making those, you will be supervising them.

Apart from this, you can also give your students coloring books with which they can spend some quality time.

Physical Activities

This again applies to children with little or no physical disabilities. There are numerous physical activities that you can organize; however, it is not guaranteed that every one of your students will be able to complete it. Nevertheless, you can help them to swim in small pools with careful supervision of course. Other activities include bi or tricycling (for physically challenged children) and many more. You can find more on this by taking up a special needs education course.

Some Simple Games

There are plenty of games that you can organize for children in schools, which are fun and stimulating. These games must aid in the development of fine and gross motor skills. For instance, color matching, puzzles, rolling a ball to one another, etc.

There are many other games too, the list of which you will be able to find in a special needs education course. Your tutors of the course will vividly describe how to conduct these activities in special schools and the pros and cons of each of the activities.