Simple Steps Of Teaching Grammar Any Educator Can Follow

To teach grammar in a diverse classroom, a teacher has to be trained. However, despite the training, an educator with less experience can face countless challenges before him.A teacher will teach vocabulary and phonology along with reading, writing and listening, School syllabi and grammar books typically reflect this notion. Research suggests that a big portion of the grammar taught in classrooms are not totally learned. It has also been seen that students’ grammar seemed to improve by the following exercises. In a course in teaching grammar, you will learn these in details.

Today, as the scenario is, many teachers have decided to abandon traditional grammar lessons in favor of innovative approaches to teaching. However, recently people have acknowledged that focusing on language systems such as phonology or vocabulary will benefit all learners.

Today, as the scenario is, many teachers have decided to abandon traditional grammar lessons in favor of innovative approaches to teaching

Analyzing a Language for the Purpose Of Teaching

Concept of Language

In a monolingual class you might not face many problems but in a bilingual class you will face many challenges as students will ask you the meaning of them. In language, we will also be discussing teaching approaches. There are two main types of approaches viz. the inductive and deductive one. In the latter, the rule of the language is presented first and the language is produced following that very rule and this is an essential thing which you will learn in the course in teaching grammar. On the other hand, in inductive, the teacher presents her students the means to discover the rules themselves. These approaches both have some advantages and disadvantages though. In the deductive approach,students will find it easier to learn and it will save time for teachers also.The inductive one,however,is appropriate for learners who already have the basic knowledge of a language.

Planning the Teaching

There are several popular ways in which a grammar lesson can be taught in the classroom. It requires thorough planning and execution. The teaching models used are Presentation, Practice, Production), ARC (Authentic use, Restricted use, Test, Teach, Test,Clarification and focus), ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) and Task-Based Learning. Among all of these, the PPP is the most widely used model because it is easy to execute and can is suitable for teaching all kinds of grammatical items. It also helps in arranging the time for each stage accurately and solve unexpected problems that may come up while teaching.

Teaching the Meaning and Form

While teaching a teacher may start with showing the form first and then the meaning of it. A course in teaching grammar comprises of the topic of when to use which form.Basically, it completely depends on the students. Sometimes, students can ask for explanations at the beginning. If this happens, this will be presented. On the other hand, if students have a better grasp of the language, then using the meaning first is suitable.

The teacher will demonstrate everything visually or through a situation. The teacher can use objects and pictures in the classroom. But at the same time, it is not always possible to show the meaning visually. The teacher can also present it through a situation.

Students Practice

Practicing after learning anything is crucial to mastering it. Solving grammar exercises in homes and schools is a must. Apart from this, learners should take part in mechanical drills such as repetition,word cues, substitution, picture cues etc. These practice methods control the response of students. Responding in the correct way of enforces students to focus on the correct forms rather than meaning. Hence, mechanical drills are useful for short time periods.

There are other crucial steps as well which you will learn from the course in teaching grammar but these will give you a start as a grammar teacher for any type of educational institute.