Necessary teaching methods in a pre-primary school

A pre-primary institution employs a variety of teaching methods for the students and the aim of the teacher is to establish effective teaching-learning. These methods can be found in a pre primary teacher training course from an institute dedicated to training teachers. The teaching methods cater to learning collectively and focusing on the development of several psycho motor abilities in children at the pre-primary stage. The educators in a pre-primary school strategize the methods required to teach children effectively.

To establish effective teaching-learning, a school teacher will motivate and encourage the students to explore the world around them. If students do not find the teaching process enjoyable, then they will be disinterested in each and every topic that is being taught in the classroom. In a course related to primary teaching, the candidates will learn to evaluate the growth and development of students in the class. The teaching-learning strategy needs to be developed based on research and analysis of past records containing the various processes of teaching. In a course related to pre-primary level teaching, the educators in the school observing the processes of upbringing the child in his or her home and in the community.

It is quite apparent that in a school the students can face several problems and they do not tell their teachers about it. Therefore the teachers will learn how to interact with the students and learn about their problems and find out ways to solve them. At times due to these problems children feel mentally burdened and if a teacher finds that a student is going through a trauma, they will immediately arrange a counsellor to help the children. Teachers will also summon the parents of the child to discuss the situation. With the help of this course, the teachers will also learn the methods to engage communities in the growth and development of the students.

A pre primary teacher training course educates individuals about the behaviour and psychology of children. In a school, the principal discusses the needs of the students with the teachers. Therefore the teachers need to provide a report to the principals regarding the requirements of the children such as the resources for educating children. In a pre-primary school, the teachers also help the principal in developing curriculum for the students.

There is basically no end to necessary teaching methods for children. With age, the interest of each and every student grows and they will start to learn things at a faster rate. The reason behind this is children become explorers automatically. They start to experience their own physical growth and the activities that are taking place in nature and the influence of the activities on their own mind.

Educators need to make sure that the students are able to understand what is being taught in the class otherwise a student will not be able to develop himself. In the learning process, the teachers will ask questions to the students so as to verify if they have understood the topic well. Therefore teachers will need to be patient in the process of teaching-learning in the class. If a student fails to answer then the teacher will ask the student about the part that he or she has been unable to understand and then help the student out accordingly.

Designing several types of activities for children in a pre-primary school is also one of the necessary teaching methods. These activities help children to learn and enjoy their school time. In a pre-primary school, teachers will engage the students in plays, songs, sports etc to accelerate the teaching. Along with all these, they will also try to teach discipline and behaviour which the students need to follow not just in the classroom but also in the home. If a teacher notices that the behaviour of a child is disruptive, he or she will immediately correct the child.

To sum up, some of the teaching methods that are followed by a pre-primary school are.

  1. Determining the requirements of children in not just the school but also in homes. By this, the problems of the children can also be understood and solved.
  2. Conducting interactive sessions like ‘Did you know’ kind of trivia, and question-answer This must be conducted in a way so that it enhances the confidence in students.
  3. Conducting competitions to motivate children in experiencing different situations in life. These activities also enhance the different types of abilities in children.
  4. Modifying the school syllabus to enhance the learning. There should be new things in the syllabus to educate children. With research and analysis and taking a reference to several journals, the syllabus needs to be developed. Developing classroom materials can also be learned by joining a pre primary teacher training course from a training institute providing a variety of teachers training courses.

With the advent of the new methods of teaching that are coming to the market each and every day, candidates are taking up courses that will help them to become educators. Most of these courses teach the students comprehensively with hands-on training on the subject. The teachers will take the help of research materials to educate children with the main focus of motivating them. The teacher must determine the potentials of each and every child and be open-minded to face and solve their problems. Therefore a candidate who wishes to teach as a primary teacher it is important to pursue the pre primary teacher training course from an educational organization. By joining this course teachers will have a clear idea of developing a syllabus for children which will comprise of multidimensional topics. Today modern technology like computers and projectors are also used to show slideshows and movies to the students in the school. These are used so that students enjoy the entire learning experience. This course is also provided in online and distance mode by several training institutes like Institute of International Teachers Training who are the leading players in teachers training in India and all over the world.