Miscellaneous Learning Activities for Children in Montessori Schools

In a traditional system, education plays an important role for every individual. Here, parents are very much aware of their children. From the very beginning years of their lives, parents want to make their children learn different activities in schools.  Today in modern times, the Montessori schools follow many new and improved approaches to teaching children keeping the Montessori methods the same. To learn the methods, one needs to take up the Montessori teachers training course from a training organization.

As we all know, early childhood is considered as the foundation of a child’s physical, mental and emotional development. In Montessori schools, these kids come to know about different things in playful ways. For them, education is something through which they learn things that will help them in their later age.

For these type of education guardians nowadays send their children on different early childhood education centers/Montessori School, where education is given in the form of different playful ways with the help of trained teachers.

How playful methods help a child for overall development in Montessori school is describe below-

  1. It gives a child what he/she wants to do.
  2. It helps the child so that he/she can enjoy what they are doing.
  3. Provides spontaneity, rather than giving kids books to follow.
  4. Create a risk-free environment where a child can develop physically, mentally.

Through different playful activities, children become more active rather becoming a passive learner. Through these, they can spend more time with their parents.

Professor Doris Fromberg, Director of Early Childhood Teachers training Hofstra University, explains why play is such an important part of the learning process for children.

He explains that one has to agree that the learning process of small children is quite different from adults. They learn their things by comparing physical experiences, interacting with their guide and parents. In their age group, kids have enormous imagination power and they keep themselves busy in thinking every time. They have uncountable doubts in their mind, which they want to clear from their teachers and parents. Play exacts the logical and creative contents from the brain. In the Montessori teachers training course, you will learn all of these in details.

For young kids, play is more like full body activity, which will help them in the future. Activities like dancing; cycling, rolling, and running will help in their muscle development and fine-tune motor skills. Through different play activities their thinking capacity, imagination power also develops.

We have to understand why it is important to include play in classroom activities.

In the academic setting, play always helps the children to learn and grow from various activities. When you are taking up the Montessori teachers training course you will learn how playing involves their physical and mental activities on children. These activities create bonding and this process is called motor development. At present, early childhood education centers help both the child and their parents to develop their child in different ways. For this early childhood education centers appoint various teachers who have done a course to teach children. Children of their age are like a flower, with them one should always work very friendly, politely. For that their guides should know all the different process to handle them, when a child will get a properly educated teacher then he/she can enjoy their learning process.

The benefits of learning through play:-

  1. Development of fine and motor development will help the child from different forms like mentally, physically and emotionally.
  2. Playing different activities will help the child in nurturing their creativity and imagination.
  3. Through play, your child can learn sharing, compromise and conflict resolution.
  4. Discovering their positive self-esteem and independence. With time play method will boost your child so that he/she can take her/his decision.

These are some of the play activities that you can learn from the Montessori teachers training course. Other than these activities there are other topics as well which you will learn to become an expert teacher.