Methods of Teaching Drawing to Students in a Primary School

Teaching drawing to children is essential for teachers in the primary school classroom as it is an important skill for children. Through drawing, you will also be able to teach kids a lot of things related to the topics that you want them to learn and joining a primary teacher training course will help you to learn the methods of teaching drawing to children comprehensively.

Students love to explore their creative and artistic side and this can be done by creating shapes and structures and through color. You will teach the kids to make scribbles with crayons. Remember that drawing is a skill through which students will be able to express themselves and what they have learned.

Steps of Teaching Drawing to the Students in the Classroom

Drawing is a skill that students will achieve over time. However, some people naturally possess the skill in childhood. But it is still a skill that needs to be taught by the teachers so that the students learn the technicalities and refine their skills over time. There are various stages of learning how to draw. Let us take a look at each of these.

  • Identifying Images and Shapes

Before learning to draw, children identify shapes and images. Therefore, as a teacher, it is important for you to focus more on basic shapes and structures before you delve into teaching them how to draw.

  • Starting With Basic Shapes

As a child gets older, he or she will begin to draw basic shapes of what they have learned. The basic drawings will include circles, squares, and lines. In the primary stage, however, a child will try to draw things related to nature that are simple to represent such as his family, and other things in nature viz. fishes, birds, houses, etc. Hence, it is important for a primary teacher to assist children to draw what they have in mind but, they should be starting from the basic shapes. As a teacher, you will learn to assist your students by taking up the primary teacher training course where you will get expert guidance to training kids the basics of drawing.

  • Improving the Drawings

With time, children must improve their drawings and as a teacher, you need to play a crucial role. After the stages of recognizing and identifying shapes, a child will begin to perfect their drawings and you need to help them accordingly. You must help your students to analyze their drawings and decide if that is the actual image that they wished to create. You will step by step show them the adjustments that they need to make to correct the errors.

You must help your students to analyze their drawings and decide if that is the actual image that they wished to create

Level of Drawing According to Grades 

In the 1st to 3rd grades, students will mostly use shapes and lines to create complex drawings and this is built on their prior knowledge of making improvements and the present knowledge of analysis and improving their drawings.

In the 4th to 5th grades, students become more visually aware of shapes and objects as they get older and are able to implement the awareness of creating perceptual images. They will try to tell stories through their drawings. There are other events as well which they will try to represent which you will learn by taking up the primary teacher training course. Often, they will include realistic details to create a whole picture.

Some final suggestions that we can give for the teachers are, we need them to be creative while teaching in the classroom. The drawing activity must not be boring for them. Nowadays in many schools, computers or projectors are used in the teaching process. If need be, use these to teach children interactively.

The most vital suggestion for a teacher is, you need to assist your students in a step by step and must maintain your calm while educating them in the classroom and some of the aspects of classroom management will be taught in the primary teacher training course as well. With the proper teaching, your students can become artists as well after they reach a certain age.