International Women’s Day: Role of women in child education

In International Women’s Day is when we celebrate the achievements of women across the globe and across generations. In India and the world, we can observe the struggle of women in their day to day lives and how they are fighting each and every situation to achieve their goals and dreams. However, it is an unfortunate event that many women are still struggling and they have very few or little support from their family members or friends.

In today’s world women have and are playing many important roles. In education, for instance, women are playing a very important role and we will discuss some of them here. Today, we can already see that there is a huge growth in pre and primary teachers training along with Montessori education and for these reasons women are taking up the certificate course in montessori teachers training to nurture and educate kids.

In India, there are many factors which influence education such as social, political demographic, economic and even geographical. Today we still notice the number of girls in a school is very low. However, in the urban and semi-urban areas, the condition has improved slightly as compared to the last 20 years. With government assistance, however, there is a probability that the condition in the rural areas will improve with time.

The role of women in child education is very important in the society. With the rise of globalization and flexible methods of learning and taking affordable courses, women are now educating children in Montessori and pre and primary schools. Women entrepreneurs are also opening schools for children as well as teachers training institutes where homemakers or mothers can join in and become educators. With the rise of the rate of economic growth, the education sector will flourish and women can dedicate much more time to teaching.

Role of women is very critical to education because they can understand a girl child’s health and due to their softness they can easily nurture the students and as we know that a well-educated mother already knows the importance of hygiene and food. It is due to the teaching of the women educators that child death or disease is controlled from such a young age.

As we know already that women bear the responsibility of both the boys and girls of tomorrow’s society. For this reason, they are able to impart the values of equal treatment in and outside the home.

It is also seen that women educators aim to build an equal society and with proper methods of teaching and nurturing.

One needs to keep this fact in mind that women who are married have to manage both their workplaces and their homes. Despite all these, women educators teach the students consistently at schools. Also at present, the certificate course in montessori teachers training from the different teachers training institutes are constantly helping women educators to get employed at different early level schools.

In child education, women educators are also contributing to the betterment of the school structure so that children can grow and develop and gain different abilities. They are also working as school administrators where they are managing and handling the school framework to expand the institute.

Today women educators are working at extended hours at schools just like men teachers. Many women are taking up extra courses to learn something new along with their jobs. It is also seen that when managing children at their early year’s women educators are able to understand their needs and thus help them when they face any problems.

Today the education systems around the world have understood the importance and role of women educators and for this reason, women are given maternity leaves for an extended duration compared to what it was some 30 years ago.

Today women educators are also taking part in online learning modes and are helping many aspiring educators, both women and men in learning the various aspects of childcare.

Women of contemporary times are also contributing to basic literacy and information gathering along with the use of internet and other digital tools. Today women entrepreneurs in the education sector are also performing data research with the help of software to compare the level of improvements of the institutes in different times.

Today women educators are also conducting research in institutes all around the world to develop and integrate new methods in Montessori education. For this reason, they are also recommending other women who want to be educators to take up the certificate course in montessori teachers training so that they can be proficient educators.

In most of the developing countries, education is aimed towards empowering women. It is due to the entire education network that women are marching ahead in all the fields. Education has not only helped in elevation of women’s status but also gave a boost to their confidence with which they have and are becoming expert teachers.

Today in India and in many countries of the world, we see that in the Montessori and Primary schools women educators are mostly being employed due to these reasons above. Today people have understood that women are equal to men and that gender equality is important in all fields of profession.

Keeping all these things in mind organizations such as Institute of International Teachers Training and many others have introduced the certificate course in montessori teachers training so that homemakers and mothers can take up the course and become educators for not just schools, but also in their homes. It must also be noted that the success of International Women’s Day lies on the remarkable achievements of women throughout the globe in not just the education sector but in all sectors. As educators, it is, therefore, our duty to help and empower women so that they can excel in all sectors in life and help to build a better future. Lastly, we salute the women of the world and wish them a Happy Women’s Day for their endeavours, struggles and persistence in work. We believe that women are the true architects of mankind who guide us in acquiring the knowledge of the world around us.