Identify and meet the needs of special children in a school

Identifying the needs of special children is a must for instructors. The instructors or educators can do so with the help of many new courses which are launched today by different teachers training institutes. The differently abled children have to face many problems in their lives. Aspiring educators who wish to educate these children need to pursue an international diploma in special needs education course which teaches the methods and approaches to help children learn the different topics.

The educators will be able to identify the student’s needs by carefully looking at the children’s psychology and behaviour. The educator will try to help the disabled child to pursue his or her dreams of a career and to face and accept the disability. In India and many parts of the world, we see that disabled children are not properly looked after. Therefore the educators must also talk to the family members of the children and make them understand that how the disabilities can be overcome. The course will help the educators learn the approaches for the development of special children.

Educating the differently abled children begins with the discovery of the self. A disabled child needs to learn how she or he possesses the same quality and potentials like a non-disabled child. The educator will guide the children through the entire school curriculum and will help to make them realize their potentials.

Today we can see that there are several special schools which educate children through new types of approaches. By pursuing the course the educators will learn the types of difficulties that the children might face.

The special needs educators will teach children in diverse classrooms. There will be children who will be facing a variety of disabilities. The course will teach them about the disabilities and how they affect the children such as physical ones where there might be several types of muscular dystrophy. Some are even formed from the brain or spinal injuries. Sometimes, however, these disabilities can be mental. The educators consult with specialists in the school to learn about the processes to manage children who have erratic behaviour.

This comprehensive course will help teachers to implement strategies for effective learning. Educators will consider the abilities of children to read, write and understand what is being taught in the classroom. Educators will be taught how to get friendly with the children and form a bonding. This is because connecting with the children will also provide an insight into their mind. It will help the educators to identify the needs and problems.

There are a plethora of school activities that special educators can plan to educate the children. In these activities, they can involve non-disabled children too.

The educators can also invite parents of the disabled children and with their helpful feedback improve the ways of teaching.

The educators will use whatever resources the school provides for the children with special needs. They need to talk to the principals of the schools so that they can allocate the resources properly. However, special educators will only be able to manage the resource if they can identify the children’s needs. Therefore it is necessary to undergo an international diploma in special needs education course from an institute.

The educators will also need to follow several responsibilities towards their students:

As mentioned earlier that there will be an allocation of resources. The educators will need to update the resources from time to time according to the needs of the special children. Since providing special care is the aim of the school, the educators will make a checklist of the needs.

Sometimes the educators will coordinate with the principals to keep a check on the spending of the school. Since there are varying needs of the children, so finance can sometimes be a factor. However, it does not mean limiting any resources for children.

Apart from determining the special needs, there are several points which the educators need to keep in mind when educating children in a school:

Reviewing special needs

The special needs have to be reviewed from time to time. This review will be based on the research and analysis along with the feedback from the students and parents. The educators will need to deliver reports of the disabled children’s progress on a daily basis. These techniques can be learnt by taking up an international diploma in special needs education course from an institute.

Strategizing child care

Strategizing is essential to child care. In special programs, the educators will tell the parents on how to manage children at home. Special care also requires the involvement of the community, their acceptance is important. The strategy also involves assessing the children on their progress of daily tasks.


The educators will learn to take notes on the changes or progress of children in a classroom. The educators can note down point by point the topics that she or he can discuss or review at a later time. In the beginning, the educators will work collaboratively with others while taking notes. Later on, they will learn to take notes by themselves.


Though it has already been mentioned that observations are necessary when educating the children, we must say that there are many types of observations in special care. For example in purposeful observation, teachers respond to the needs of the children. When a child faces difficulty then the teacher responds to it. In this way, the educator or the teacher can identify the needs of the children. The observation procedures can be found by taking up the course on special needs.

Meeting the needs of the special children can be a daunting task. The teachers training institutes which are imparting the course are always researching about the ways of identifying and meeting the needs. For example Institute of International Teachers Training has formulated new ways of providing special care for which reason students from the world are attending its international diploma in special needs education course. This is a job oriented course which helps aspiring educators to get employment in special schools after the completion of the course.