How to train children about pronunciation from the earliest stage

Some words before we start off…

Pronunciation, according to different words requires the proper coordination of the verbal as well thinking system. What I am trying to say is that as from our childhood we learn various words, we should equally impart similar attention to the sounds of the words.

The structure of a word

The way a word is constructed depends not only on the prefix but also on the suffix. The root of a word must be emphasized, and hence the pronunciation of the word becomes much easy. However one must not confuse accent with pronunciation.

Accent is the special form of pronunciation.  For example, the different ways to pronounce glass are:-

G-L-U-S-S,    G-H-L-U-S,    G-L-Y-A-S-S,    G-L-A-S-S

…and so on.

So, accent maybe regional based on the geographical boundary of the country or state the person is living in. Or the accent may change based on the economic condition of the person. Often people surviving in the lower strata of the society fail to develop a proper accent of the required word and hence the word gets a vulgar makeover.

As development of accent depends not only on the locality, but also on many other factors. It will automatically develop irrespective of any formal training. So, it is important for you to realize that if you can complete a Pre Primary Teacher Training Course or Montessori Teacher Training Course, you will be much better off.

 Training techniques

Let’s get back to our discussion.

While restructuring a child’s pronunciation, we must be cautious about the intonation, which is aligning the pitch of voice while pronouncing something.

When your child voices word, you need to observe the way he is doing that.

Is his syllable in accordance with the consonants that he is stressing upon?

How he tells the word plane?

Are his sounds on most of the words clear and distinct?

Or is there a mixed phenomenon?

These are the issues one need to take care about. And for answering these questions, you need to enroll yourself in the exclusive guidance of Pre Primary Teacher Training Course.

There are various methods as highlighted below:-

  1. Tongue-Twisters are a great way to let your child absorb the right pronunciation techniques in his mind. For example, the line I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop. Now how is this? Speaking this one lone in one roll will involve putting emphasis on all the Ss.
    Or, you may get the rollback of speaking I saw a kitten eating a chicken in the kitchen.
  2. Rhythmic patterns involved in the phrases that your child is talking will definitely improve the whole issue. Nursery rhymes sounds good here.
  3. Striking of the same errors more than once will impact heavily inside the inside your child’s brain. Hence that will be immensely beneficial in the long run.
  4. Listing all the confusing words such as Fat and Fit, Fur and Fire, Sun and Son and so on.
  5. Tonal verifications and pitch recognition techniques are a great way to improve the pronunciation among the children. For example, consider the two sentences:-
  6. A) This is your book. B) This is your book?
    Note the difference? While the first one is an imperative sentence, suggesting a statement, but that the second one is not. It is a question, and the only thing that matters here is the tone and where the pitch rises and falls.

Now, for all of these things, you will require a definitive guidance as all methods are not self-exhaustive.

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