How behavior management can condition student behavior?

The academic institution is the grooming center for many students. From the perspective of sociology, academic organizations can be treated as the secondary group in the life of an individual. The secondary groups are the groups apart from the association of the immediate relation such as father, mother or siblings. These groups are an important association in one’s life because with the help of this association one can start their socialization process. Socialization is the process of mixing with the others in the immediate society. The formal training of Classroom behavior management can offer the idea of this process to the potential child mentors or the child care experts. They are the professional personnel to offer effective guidance to the child on how to behave in the greater society.

What is the significance of classroom behavior?

Classroom behavior is the introductory behavior of a child to society. A classroom is the representation of the greater society to an individual. It is the responsibility of the teacher to help the individual student to understand his immediate atmosphere and encourage him to behave properly inside the classroom. If the teacher follows the behavior and the reaction of the student in a different situation he can gain the position to help them on the behavioral issues. A Classroom behavior management is a helpful training program for the teachers in this regard. Out of this methodical training program, teachers can get a clear idea regarding their responsibilities as the class administrator to run the class properly and train the students to exhibit the optimum behavior in the class. Human attitude can get affected by the contagious influences from others. That is the reason if a single student in the class starts to depict improper behavior the other can adopt it quickly.

Human attitude can get affected by the contagious influences from others.

A Classroom behavior management Course can offer a clear exposure to the teacher regarding children’s psychology. The effectiveness of the behavior management can get articulated in the classroom behavior development process. That is the reason the study of Classroom behavior is needed for the teachers training program of an institute.

How to manage undesirable behavior?

Reinforcement is the only process to manage the behavior which is not acceptable in the context of a classroom. This is the most critical and controversial area of the whole training program. In most of the cases,physical imposition is the way to reshape the behavior of the individual. That is the reason for all the controversies in this area. The process of reward and punishment is the ancient process of reinforcement. This process was widely used since the Roman era. It is not only in case of classroom situation rather this process can be seen in use in any other type of social situation in any part of the world.But that is also the reason most of the teachers are adopting this method in their personal teaching practice. A Classroom behavior management Course can offer another acceptable alternative to the teachers in this regard.

It is the part of the teacher’s responsibility to choose the right measure according to the situational demand of the classroom. The flowing processes can be applied in this regard:

  • Find out the cause of menace. The cause may be a situation or the individual. This selection process can help the teacher to find out the student who is the key responsible for the problem of the classroom.
  • The second process is the part of canceling with the help of this the teacher can find out the root cause of the behavior malfunctioning.
  • The third part is the process of reinforcement. It is the responsibility of the teacher to reinforce desirable behavior within the student.