Fine Motor Activities That You Can Organize As a Pre-Primary Teacher

As a pre-primary teacher, you have to conduct a set of activities for school children which can be associated with the development of a variety of skills viz. cognitive, motor, social, psychological, etc. Today, we will be discussing activities related to developing some fine motor skills which you can learn in details by taking up a pre primary teacher training course. In this course, the trainers will provide you with the usefulness of each activity and guide you in conducting these activities efficiently in schools.

Fine Motor Activities for Pre-Primary Schools

  1. Developing Cutting Skills With Scissors

Children love to cut with scissors and as a pre-primary teacher, you will need to design and conduct activities that will help them to cut anything. Generally, a child is handed over scissors when he or she is around 3 years of age. You can train the children by guiding them to create a Tissue Paper Sensory Box. Let us see how. For this, you need to have tissue papers, scissors, a box and tinsel which is optional.

  • Firstly, guide your students to unfold the tissue paper.
  • Secondly, after it has been unfolded, you need to roll it up. Use a sheet of paper and direct your students to cut it in equal (or nearly equal) pieces. Be sure to use one sheet of paper since a thick one can lead to the children cutting their hands while using scissors.
  • You can help the kids by cutting the roll of papers into one half inch pieces and then unfurling the tissue papers in cinnamon rolls.
  • Put all of these in a box along with toys and tell your kids to play with it. They will open the box to discover toys buried inside the papers. To increase their interest you can give tongs to your children to find out and what is there inside the box and take that out. This way you will help in the development of motor skills as they will learn how to use their fingers while playing with the box and pulling out the item inside.

Now let us take a look at another activity which is also taught in the pre primary teacher training course. This is called the Drinking Straw Bracelet.

  1. Making a Drinking Straw Bracelet

To make the bracelet, you require a couple of drinking straws (the thick ones), a set of plastic strings which will help you to hold the straws together. To make the bracelet do these.

  • Cut up the straws or assist your students to cut them up with scissors. This will help in improving their cutting with scissor skills too.
  • Take a piece of straw and tie it to the end of a 9-inch piece of string and do it by using a loose This will keep the straw pieces from sliding off.
  • Lace the straw on to the string and keeping in mind the size so that it fits the person who will be wearing it. Tie the knot tight so that it will hold.
  • Lastly, trim the pointed ends in between the straws so that it doesn’t prick while wearing.

Most of the activities here will need to be done by the teacher. However, it will help the children to explore patterns apart from developing motor skills and similar activities can be found in a pre primary teacher training course provided by an institute.

  1. Painting for Fun

Be it painting bottles or a plain piece of paper, the activity enhances motor skills in children and hence is a must in the curriculum. For this, you require liquid bases paints that are child safe and can come off easily, a plastic transparent bottle and a piece of paper.

  • Let your students paint on the paper in whichever way they like with hands or brushes.
  • Then help them to stick the paper with glue on the surface of the bottle to make it look appealing, and it’s done.

Painting with hands or brushes increases fine motor skills as well as the ability to hold and maneuver objects from a very tender age. The pre primary teacher training course includes several other activities that you can design for children related to painting so as to develop and enhance fine motor activities.