Why an evaluation of teaching is important for teachers and school administrators?

As a teacher we think that student evaluation is extremely important, and that it is but necessary for the development of students.

But do we ever think about evaluating a teacher? Well mostly, not. This is a very wrong standpoint, because when student evaluation is important for the education system and the growth of the student, it is only fair to say that the evaluation of the teacher’s performance is as important, for the growth of the teacher and student and for the enhancement of the schooling system.

As an educator or academician or somebody who is in the least way connected to the educational system, for instance, the office staff should have a clear understanding of the importance of the concept of teacher’s evaluation.  Therefore every teacher cum administrator or both as separate entities should opt for courses such as International Diploma in Educational Leadership, Administration and Management course.  An International Diploma in Educational Leadership, Administration and Management course allows you to correctly understand the complexities behind the need for teacher’s evaluation. Once you get a proper grip of the concept, you will be able to understand why a teacher’s evaluation is necessary for both the profit of the teacher and the student and the education system as a whole.

So, in short, by reiterating the same fact we see that an evaluation of the teaching process is not only beneficial for the teachers and students, but is the same for the whole school as well. Evaluation helps:

  • Teachers to comprehend their pros and strong areas and recognize their weaknesses and further help in correcting and improving their weak areas.
  • It also assist teachers to think about  their methods and  practices of teaching, display their areas of brilliance, and get that extra needed assistance on areas they strive to keep up with, but cannot for various reasons succeed.
  • Such an activity when conducted resolutely and tenaciously and with the penultimate end of student development in mind, it is a really potent tool.

Overall the aim of teacher’s evaluation is to present teachers, with a concrete feedback, on the accomplishing capacity, of their teaching procedure, in the light of the planning of their lessons.  Each teacher must necessarily have a lesson plan: it is a blueprint that teachers must possess for effective teaching. When a teacher follows a well-planned out and structured lesson plan, he or she will be able to teach more systematically and thus help in the proper development of the student and in process, in the growth of the teacher.

Now post evaluation, if there happens to be a lag in the teaching procedure of the teacher or the teacher fails to meet the expectation of the educational system- then one will have to understand that there are major glitches in the lesson plan of the teacher.

So Evaluation doubly helps in enforcing methodical and systematic teaching. If your teaching isn’t fed by a certain lesson plan, it is bound to go haywire and appear clumsy. With an evaluation of your teaching procedure you as a teacher will be able to understand exactly where that certain glitch is and hence improve upon it. A teacher without a lesson plan will also have to enforce one and make the teaching procedure all systematic, which is beneficial for the students and the overall educational system.

A Diploma in Educational Leadership, Administration and Management course, again is important here, because it provides training on important concepts like these, that is, on what basis should teacher’s evaluation be made, what are the ways that teachers can employ for a better performance during their evaluation.

Further like mentioned above an evaluation of the teaching system and the teachers is only fair on the part of the students, mostly as the latter are also evaluated strictly for better development and growth. Students have the right to give a feedback if they are unable to keep at pace with the teaching system – an evaluation of teachers gives them this right. Not all students are equal, so it may occur, that a student is unable to understand the teaching and lesson plan of a particular teacher and as a result his learning process is suffering. To avoid exactly this, we need a proper evaluation of the teaching system.

For a school to really achieve optimal teaching and learning procedures, evaluation of teachers is important. Without a proper evaluation system a school will not be able to reach the top of the ladder of success. Without evaluation, the development and the growth of the relatively weaker students will suffer. Without evaluation your growth and development as a teacher and hence improvement will also suffer.

Herein, training your-self before becoming a teacher will require you to opt for courses like Diploma in Educational Leadership, Administration and Management course etc. In India and worldwide a number of institutes offer such courses that focus on intensive training- something you.

  1. As a teacher must opt for, so that you better understand and cultivate your capabilities of teaching and hence score optimally at the evaluation process.
  2. As an administrator, you will get to know how to manage school system better, through employing a correctly designed teaching evaluation system. This is because to ensure good teaching and satisfied learning, experience and expertise is needed, which only such courses can provide you with.

It’s true that a lot of schools do not conduct teacher’s evaluation and are still doing okay. However an educational system cannot just be okay with mediocrity. An educational and schooling system must always strive for the ultimate success and this process of an evaluation of teachers will surely help in that struggle to be the best. As a teacher or administrator or both, ensure that you have a degree, such as a Diploma in Educational Leadership, Administration and Management course at hand because that will not only ensure a good teaching and learning system but also an excellent academic system.