Diploma in elementary education: What to Look Forward to?

Are you looking for a valuable short-term course that will help you climb the ladder of success quickly? Are you looking to venture into teaching after completing your 10+2? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading the blog.

In this competitive field,  possessing academic qualifications is not enough. You need additional skills & an extra spark to thrive. Undertaking a diploma in elementary education can be the perfect choice after completing your 10=2.

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EI.Ed) is a short-term undergraduate program that is planned for aspirant teachers and bifurcated into several units. The course has been curated to prepare educators looking to work with children and contribute to their evolution. It will train them for primary level teaching. The chief objective of the program is to cover the theoretical lessons in pedagogical practices and focuses on fundamental skill development in order to offer the instructors training in terms of sound teaching practices, the role of technology in education, and modern classroom trends.

After finishing a program in diploma in elementary education, the candidates can fulfill their dreams to become a teacher in elementary schools, crèches, and childcare centers. The eligibility criteria vary from one training institute to another. The minimum eligibility which is needed to undertake a diploma in elementary education is to pass 12th from a reputed board or school. However, graduates are also given preference.

Modules & units of the course

You’ll be trained in various aspects of teaching kids which will help you to understand the kind of tasks & challenges you can face in the classroom. Let’s take a look at the modules of the course:

Childhood & growing up

In this module, you’ll learn about the stages of growing up from birth to adolescence. In general, childhood is the age starting from birth to adolescence. It is the time for kids to be in school and at play, to become strong and confident with the care and motivation and under the supervision of their teachers and an extended community of caring adults.

Role of technology in education

With the integration of technology into schools, the main reason is to transform how teachers and students gather, access, analyze, present, and transmit facts. You’ll come to know about various learning apps & digital tools that supplement & enrich the learning experience.

Child psychology

In this module of diploma in elementary education, you’ll become familiar with child psychology which is the study of the subconscious and conscious minds of children, their intellectual growth. Teachers observe how a child interacts with their parents, themselves, and the environment, to understand their cognitive development.

Modern classroom trends

It revolves around Integrated learning solutions, personalized learning, bite-sized learning, augmented reality, and other latest trends that assure student engagement & have taken the education industry by storm.

.Advanced pedagogy

Advanced pedagogy is the way to boost teaching and learning productivity. It includes the application of electronic gadgets for various tasks like teaching, curating exam papers, evaluation of students, feedback and research methodology, etc. Some of the prominent pedagogical practices you’ll learn are collaborative learning activities, field trips,  integrating fun elements in class, etc.

How the course will boost your career?

It’s needless to say that the demand for certified teachers is huge in both Indian & foreign schools at the pre & primary levels. Recruiters prefer those candidates who have in-depth knowledge & best skills to teach children. They give foremost priority to those with aptitudes like patience, communication, empathy, collaboration & others.

After earning a diploma in elementary education, you’ll become certified & able to practice anywhere in India as well as overseas. With veteran teachers retiring, it presents ample scope for the aspirants to venture into the challenging profession of teaching & make a difference in the lives of the children.

You will be able to develop all the skills and qualities & boost your knowledge in various aspects of teaching with this program. The best thing about the program is that it comes in both face-to-face traditional and online mode which you can choose as per your preference, needs & schedule.

There is extensive guidance & lectures by world-class trainers who will help you get immersed into learning. The study materials will help you delve deep into the nitty-gritty of teaching & adopt those strategies that prepare children for future success.

Wondering how to get started? We at IITT will shape your dreams and help you become an achiever. The diploma in elementary education that we offer will open the doors to exciting job opportunities in leading schools as a teacher. Our aim is clear that is to create professionals for tomorrow equipped with the right blend of skills & knowledge. You can also opt for our other courses such as a childhood care education Course, a course in teaching grammar, a Montessori teachers training course, a pre-primary teacher training course, a primary teacher training course, etc.