The relevance of teachers training in elementary education

Having a quality basic education is the fundamental right of a citizen. The base of elementary education is the foundation of one’s personality upon which the entire persona gets erected. The quality of the education largely depends upon the individual who is conducting the course.  It is only a trained individual who can conduct the training program of this category.  The requirement of an Elementary education course has been realized by most of the educational institutions of the contemporary time. The training program of this kind offer profuse support for the teachers and enhance their ability to conduct effective training.

What is elementary education?

Elementary education can get considered as pre-school education. This is the education which can help a student to become eligible for the school level education. The comprehensibility is the prerequisite for any training program. The whole enterprise of education cannot gain success if the student cannot understand the teaching. The responsibility of the pre-school education is to make the student competent to receive the class training effectively so that they can use their acquired ability in their regular life. Many preschools are looking for a specialized qualification such as a Diploma in elementary education to recruit their teaching staff as the conductor of the preschool level training.

The age span of the elementary study is infant phase to five years. This is the period of introduction to a child’s life. In this phase, the elementary education helps a child to understand her immediate atmosphere. It can be treated as the phase of relationship building. In this phase, the children’s minds start to make themselves aware regarding the abstract phenomenon such as numbers. Children cannot comprehend numerical figures until they can’t see the concrete representation of those abstract phenomena. A comprehensive Elementary education course can make her understand the complex entities such as numbers and words. The teacher of the elementary teaching program must harbor the knowledge of child psychology that helps her to offer effective training to their little students. This is why studying child psychology is one of the important parts of the elementary teachers training program.

Communication is the fundamental basis of any type of training. In the training session, the trainer makes the attempt to develop a connection with the students. If the students are complying with the teachers, it indicates that they have understood the subject matter clearly. In order to do so, it is important for the teacher to understand the mentality and the psychological trait of the students.

Professional training on elementary education can offer the competence to the teachers of pre-schools. This training program is suitable for working teachers. After having this training the working teachers can apply their knowledge to the real-life situation which is why the distance mode or the online mode of learning is suitable for students. In this mode of learning students can learn in the conducive atmosphere according to their suitability. The connectivity is one of the major significance in this regard. Customized learning is another significance in this mode. A student can learn according to his choice of learning.

How to judge the effectiveness of elementary education?

Different types of assignments can be given to the students of the preschool category.  The assignment of this type is different than the upper class but out of this, the teacher can judge the development of her students. Some of the teacher use concept map to judge the development of the students. A concept map is a method to determine the relationship between the subjects. The teacher of preschool level uses this tool to judge the development of her students.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Diploma in elementary education is a formal training program for the preschool teacher. The training of this kind can uplift the quality of the pre-school training which can offer quality support to the human developmental process.

Job Role of Elementary School Teachers

We know about elementary level school teachers but many of us do not know about their job roles and today we will be specifically discussing it. An elementary school teacher educates children from the pre-kindergarten period to the fifth grade. An elementary teacher assists in the educational and emotional growth of children in class rooms. They also manage and develop classroom materials and resources required to educate them effectively.

Today, with the emergence of elementary schools all over the world, aspirants wanting to become teachers are taking up the elementary education course from different training institutes. These institutes are providing insights into educating students.

Job Duties of Elementary School Teachers

  • Create study materials which extend span different subjects viz. Arts, Science, Music, Environmental Science, and
  • Classroom supervision so as to keep a track of the activities of children in the school.
  • Establish programs so that students learn good behavior and communication skills in a disciplined way.
  • Assign home works for the students to teach and assess their progress in schools.
  • Equip the students with the knowledge to pass tests required by the state.
  • Identify the needs and requirements of students and help them accordingly.
  • Talk to the parents of the students to discuss the progress of their children.
  • Take part in faculty meetings and develop strategies to provide improved education to students.
  • Teach about health, hygiene, wellness and safety procedures in the classroom.
  • Update herself with the new methods of teaching and the related technologies for providing a better learning experience in the classrooms.

Students who take up the elementary education course will be able to learn all of these in their institutes and under expert guidance.

We will now discuss how one can advance in his or her career as an elementary school teacher and what schools look for when selecting a teacher for their interviews.

Today one who takes up elementary education will get many opportunities for a growing career. An elementary teacher bears responsibilities like assisting children with educational and emotional development at the beginning of their learning years. The teachers also work as instructors for small children in several subjects.

What schools particularly see when they select elementary teachers are whether they are sensitive to children or not. They will see if the teacher is strict enough so that discipline can be established in classrooms. They will most likely search for an effective teacher who is not only a conveyor of knowledge but also a friend, counselor, a guide and a parent to the students.

What schools particularly see when they select elementary teachers are whether they are sensitive to children or not

Some of the additional things that a school wants are if a teacher is good at managing her time or not? Since there are lots of classes that need to be taken, it becomes important for a teacher to be able to organize her time table so that can complete the assigned tasks in time. One can learn these exclusively by taking up an elementary education course where aspirants are taught to become role models for their students.

The qualities of a good elementary teacher are to make quick and practical decisions in all kinds of situations. For instance, while teaching in a class if a student falls ill, she will need to be calm and take charge of the situation without panicking. Moreover, she will need to supervise students when they are engaged in outdoor activities.

While taking the elementary education course the teachers will learn perseverance. While teaching a teacher might face tough situations where perseverance will be required to the fullest. An instance of this is managing classrooms where there are students with disruptive behavior. In conclusion, it can be said that the elementary teacher helps in the making a child grow up into a value-educated human being.

Elementary Education – Why It Is Needed For Everyone?

Elementary teachers are the first guide in our educational life. Many people receive help and advice from their teachers which are effective for the rest of their academic life. It is not only the teaching but sometimes the essence of their personality is also retained in our mind.  A diploma in elementary education is a professional degree that helps a person to enter the field of elementary teaching. The training program of this kind offers a clear idea regarding the teaching process.

Elementary teaching program does offer educational support to the children of kindergarten up to the students of the sixth standard. This time span of the study can help a student develop their academic and conceptual base. If the base remains feeble it can be difficult to erect the edifice of higher education. An elementary teacher bears major responsibility for the development of a child. A conscious rectification of the error is needed in the initial phase of learning. If the teacher fails to instigate the consciousness of the student towards the mistake, he cannot rectify him perpetually.  An elementary education course can help the teacher to remain aware regarding his area of responsibility.

There are two types of training for the elementary teacher available in the training sector. One of them is online training another is offline training. In offline training, the candidate needs to attain the classes and get hands-on teaching-learning opportunity. This training can help an individual to get some idea regarding the real-life situation. Teacher interaction is another positive side of this training. During the time of interaction, the teacher of the training program can share her personal experience as the elementary teacher. During this session,the teacher shares the real-life teaching problems and the solutions to the problems. The same solution cannot get replicated in all similar situations, but the student of elementary education can get an idea regarding the nature of the solution. It can help him to formulate the solution at the time of real-life demand.

A professional elementary teacher’s training program such as diploma in elementary education can help an elementary teacher to find the right job in this area. In most of the cases, the recruiters value this training program because it offers the basic idea regarding the elementary education.It makes the student aware regarding the basic attribute that elementary teachers must possess.

The requirement of Elementary education is comprehensive. That is the reason many people from different backgrounds can act like an elementary teacher. These people are also potential students for an elementary education course. Many of these candidates may not opt for the profession of the teacher of elementary education after passing the program. But the knowledge that the program offers can be effectively helpful for their life and family. Housewives or new mothers fall under this category. A well-trained mother can be the perfect mentor for a young child. The child receives her first educational support from the mother only. If the mother is incompetent to conduct a methodical training session for her child in the household, she cannot follow further educational instruction of school teachers properly. Therefore the training program of elementary education also targets new mothers and housewives as their student.

A well-trained mother can be the perfect mentor for a young child

There are some entrepreneurs who want to get involved in the training and education business. The requirement of the training and education institutes is all-time there in the market. Training business can offer a better business prospect to the entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur is not aware regarding the technicality of the teaching process it won’t be possible for the aspirant to acclimatize herself in this business. In short, the practical training of elementary education can also help an entrepreneur to learn the subject to run his business successfully.


Elementary Teaching Principles for Educators in Schools

As a teacher in a primary school, you would need to know several principles. At present, the elementary education sector has become more advanced than ever before. Teachers are educating the students interactively in elementary schools. With this, the teachers use unconventional techniques to teach children in diverse classrooms. In fact, global evolution in all the sectors of teaching has led to providing of education in interesting ways.

We will now be discussing the different principles of elementary teaching that has been developed with research and analysis. To do this, however, you have to take up the diploma in elementary education course which will provide you with all the insights to become proficient teachers who can educate students in schools throughout the world.

In the course, you will learn the methods of child growth and development where you will get to learn the different aspects of the elementary childhood period along with the behavior and the psychological aspects of children. While teaching, you will have to enhance the cognitive and physical skills of the children through interactive ways. As a teacher, you will learn about the needs of the learners and be able to determine the problems that they might be having in the schools. As a teacher, you will help in developing a responsible human being.

To develop an individual, you will need to take up the diploma in elementary education course which comprises language enrichment and the knowledge of the environment. The course will focus extensively on environmental studies and the cultures that are embedded in the societies.

In the course, you will learn the methods of child growth and development where you will get to learn the different aspects of the elementary childhood period along with the behavior and the psychological aspects of children.

While teaching in the elementary schools, teachers will analyze the progress of the child and then take measures with which they can be further improved. In school, one of the principal methods of learning is parent counseling. Here, teachers will conduct meetings where they will discuss the development of the child with their parents. These principles are methods to educate children in the most organized manner. This also includes ‘effective learning’ procedures where you will employ activities like outdoor games, singing, storytelling etc. You will be able to learn all of these by joining the diploma in elementary education course from a teachers training institute.

Today, the teachers employ creative teaching techniques with which you can enhance the cognitive ability of the students. In the total course, teachers will be able to vividly learn the innovative ways and procedures of educating children in the most creative ways. If a teacher follows these principles, she will be able to manage and educate children coming from different backgrounds.

In recent years there are new forms of teaching where teachers integrate audio-visual elements to help children learn about new topics. As a teacher one should also make it easier for children to learn new things. In the elementary period teachers also have to educate the children about their health and hygiene, that they must follow.

Today unconventional and conventional methods of elementary education are taught in the courses that are provided by the training institutes. When a teacher registers for the course, it becomes essential for the trainers to provide a good theoretical understanding of the concepts and the fundamentals of teaching. If you are an interested teacher, you must take up the Diploma in Elementary Education course from a training organization that focuses on producing the best teachers for today’s markets. You must also do the course from an institute which provides placement assistance after the completion of the course.

Most used teaching techniques in an elementary school

Teaching in an elementary school can be fun, and at the same time quite complex. As a teacher in an elementary school you have to devote time to strategize and decide the correct methodology of teaching in the classroom. You will have a clearer idea of these methodologies if you take up the diploma in elementary education from a teachers training institute.

The two fundamental aims of an elementary level teacher should be the knowledge that the young minds can receive and the approaches to assessing their performance. As aspiring teachers you will learn to use skills that you will achieve by completing the course and developing lesson plans, lectures and study materials along with collaborative learning.

Here we will discuss some of the most used teaching methods in today’s elementary schools.

Conventional Teacher-Centred Learning

The conventional mode of learning has been the global model of education a long time. However, it is changing slowly. Teachers are educating the students interactively and learning is now dependent on the needs of the children. The course will teach you to keep the attention of your students by teaching them using interesting examples.

The conventional teacher-centred learning is mostly used in the primary stage of learning a topic. This method is called teacher-centred because since the students know nothing of the topic, they are dependent on the teachers. Later, when they have garnered some ideas, they will use the experience to analyze other topics or subjects. For example, when teaching how to write, you will explain them what are conjunctions, apostrophe, commas etc and how to use them. However, as a teacher you will need to identify the abilities of your students such as their capability of understanding topics and paying attention for long stretches.

The conventional model is perfect for all types of students. Today, learning is carried on in diverse classrooms and you need to employ several methodologies. In a diverse environment this conventional model might not yield good results as you will need to resort to ethnicity and culture. The method is good for learners who want to hear to get an idea. On the other hand, for verbal-learners you will need to teach them through classroom materials. The diploma in elementary education course will teach you all the aspects of this model comprehensively.

Student Centred Learning with Inquiry

In an elementary school you will teach the children through hands on training. The student centred learning helps the students in exploration, experimentation and discovery the self. This will engage the learners to try out new things.

The ‘experimentation’ method constitutes hands-on lesson plans which you will develop for the students. For instance, if you are an elementary environmental science teacher, you will develop the study plan to teach why the sky color is blue or why do the rains occur along with other activities that take place in the nature. This is why this method is called Inquiry based learning since you are answering the questions that arise from children’s minds.

As a teacher you have to make sure that the lesson plans or the classroom materials do not turn out to be too complex. Sometimes, your students might face problems in learning due to the increased difficulty of the classroom materials.

Collaborative Method of Learning

This is a teaching technique that is now being implemented by most elementary schools. In this technique, learning and group work is being carried out in collaboration. This method of learning is highly beneficial for students who face difficulties in learning. With the help of this method, you as a teacher will also be able to identify these students and thereby give them extra attention.

You must remember however, that all students might not totally benefit from this type of group work. If that happens then it is best not to enforce this collaborative method on your students. At certain times your students might need extra individual attention which might not totally be possible in the collaborative method of learning. Also, devoid of learning may lead to anxiety in children which you must avoid as a teacher.

Behavior Management in Elementary Schools    

In an elementary school you will face disruptive behavior from children and in the diploma in elementary education course you will learn exactly how to manage these children in the classroom. There are certain methods with which you can control these types of behavior.

  • Basically, you can implement the reward system to tempt the children who are behaving in an ill-mannered way.
  • You can create a card which you will hand over to the misbehaving child telling him to stop immediately.


Assessment of Children in the Elementary Level

Asking questions after small tasks that you have given to the children will let you identify how well the children have learned a particular topic. You will also learn to make report cards for your students. But, to examine the students you will also take into account the issues that they have faced or are facing in the school which they were not able to express. You will also discuss the problems and solutions with the parents of the children.

Seating Arrangement for Students

Creating the seating arrangement is necessary in a school. You can split your students according to abilities and interests. This will give you more control over your students and will lead to a better management of your classroom. However, it is necessary to mix them up at times so that they can learn the simple tasks from other students who are proficient at completing those.

You need to realize the fact that children are sensitive beings. It is natural that they will possess varied characters and moods and the teachers will help them to learn and grow. The course will teach you how to guide and assist the students and at the same time improve yourself to be a better teacher. The diploma in elementary education is therefore one of the best course that you can take to grow your career as a teacher.

Top 6 Qualities and Strengths That an Elementary Education Teacher Must Possess

Resourceful, patient, consistent, vociferous, disciplined, flexible, dedicated, determined, nurturing and loving –isn’t there too many adjectives at once? Well, these are the essential qualities that define a good elementary education teacher.

Elementary education teachers are those teachers in a schooling system, who teaches students from grade 1-6 almost. These teachers teach students a wide range of subjects from English, to language to mathematics, in other words, all the academic subjects.

Another very important quality that defines a good teacher is achieving excellent student results. When your students achieve great results, both academically and otherwise, you know you have succeeded as a teacher.

A good teacher is one who emanates a kind of support that lets students know that they can, not only depend on her academically but trust her with all kind of life decisions. Further good teachers are not born with great teaching characteristics. A good teacher works hard and strives for acquiring qualities so that she/ he can succeed in their profession and influence the life of the students positively.

For effectively acquiring the true qualities of an elementary education teacher, what you need is intensive training and a course such as, say, a Diploma in Elementary education will help you achieve that goal. A Diploma in Elementary education not only correctly guides you through the landscape of qualities that a good elementary education teacher must possess but trains you for acquiring those qualities.

Let’s therefore, look at some of the qualities that define the strengths of a good teacher:

  1. Successful elementary education teachers are usually typified as having qualities like proper organization, good preparation and appropriate planning. So preparing daily lessons and schedules for students, making task charts and projects, setting proper goals for the school year and achieving them, outlining and scheduling lessons for the entire school year as well as making daily and weekly plan of lessons are some of the ways in which the skill of organization becomes evident in a goo elementary teacher. The environment of the classroom must also be organized and planned, such that it enhances learning. So if you really look at yourself as an aspiring teacher, make sure you have these qualities and a Diploma in elementary Education is a good place to start.
  2. Elementary education teachers further need really strong interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are skills that are inherent in you. You need strong interpersonal skills because you are the first and the foremost influencer in your students’ life. Your students look up to you and therefore a having a strong character is an important pre- requisite. Elementary teachers also are very involved in the development of each child which means they are in constant contact with the parents of their students. So not only the students but even their parents look up to the teacher, so as a result, having a strong interpersonal character, characterized by a certain amount of acquired charisma is what exactly an aspiring teacher like yourself should posses.
  3. Another very important quality of an aspiring elementary education teacher is you have to have passion for the profession of teaching. An Enthusiasm for teaching, and more so, teaching young students, is something you must possess as a teacher. If you don’t love something you do, if you don’t show enough passion towards your work, then know that the whole purpose behind that particular work is lost. The same applies to the profession of teaching. If you do not entrench your teaching with passion, teaching whole heartedly, then not only will your students be discouraged but you will let the respected profession of teaching down.
  4. To build a positive relationship with students and establish a good rapport with them, what you need as a teacher is a fun factor and sense of humor. Students, especially, in the elementary section like teachers with whom they can gel naturally. Once the students are free with you, the learning process eases out. Students tend to lose interest if a teacher is boring and delivers the teaching process lacking the element of fun and humor. Be stern but be humorous, because being too easy going may prove to be a problem, whereby the students refuse to respect and abide the teacher. So as a teacher you should be stern but at the same time should be fun and humorous, so that your students respect you but at the same time are open and free in your presence. Too much mirth and on the contrary, too much fear will destroy the purpose of teaching.
  5. Discipline is another quality that clearly shows the strength of a teacher. Having the quality of discipline is different for being organized. A teacher may be organize ad planned but following them with a certain discipline will what will make them successful. Further once you practice discipline as a teacher, your students will automatically be influenced by that discipline, and infuse that discipline in their lives. So without discipline, you as a teacher may assign lessons to your students, but whether they will do it with discipline and determination is the big question. Howe ever if there is a certain discipline infused in the whole process then the entire learning and teaching process will run smoothly.
  6. A sense of purpose is another quality that is important and must have for every elementary teacher. You must have a purpose behind your teaching. Without a certain purpose, the very essence of education is lost and as a result of that both the process of teaching and learning suffers.

Hence these are the basic and top qualities that an elementary education teacher must possess. People are not born with these qualities, there is an urgent need to acquire these qualities and opting for a Diploma in elementary education will help you to master these qualities. This is because usually a Diploma in elementary education course will not only give you an understanding of the nitty-gritty’s of elementary education but will also intensively train you to be an elementary teacher with the best of qualities.