Can Augmented Reality find great use in the Pre Primary Teacher Training Course?

Where Dream turns into Reality

In this modernized world where the fine line between reality and fiction is slowly diminishing, soon Augmented Reality can be the future and mode of training in the toddler’s curriculum program. Children can influenced and highly stimulated by this introduction of Augmented Reality in various fields of study. They can also be shown a reflection of the contemporary word by the numerous applications of what internet and technology can do. The realistic environment can be simulated and the whole dimension can be changed to a close-to possible reality that does not even exist. This is so much useful in Pre Primary Teachers Training Course, where an AR Headset can simulate required environment swiftly.

The great new Dimension

Oh sorry, I have used the word simulation earlier. Should not have brought that word thereon. Anyways, let us start steadily. Augmented Reality is a specialized kind of simulation program that can totally alter the realistic perspective of the viewer or learner. In Pre Primary Teachers Training Course, this AR unveils a new horizon of teaching children.

Now, a technology that can totally transform the purview of vision is bound to create an effect on the children. Just think of that situation when the child gets to see a 3D realistic alligator in a strong duel with a python. And that too right in the classroom without all the projectors and Giant-Screens. This type of specialized technology can change the whole educational curriculum, inducing strong love and passion for studies.

The two realities

But do not confuse it with Virtual Reality, as in VR Mode you will see another fictional scene, entirely imaginative one where you can digitally transform yourself. Now an awesome job is done by AR Mode too is that it does not create a bunny out of thin air, rather it replaces the existing reality with a touch of virtual simulation. It just adds layers of motion-simulation to the natural environment, making it look hyper-realistic. The AR Mode makes the reality so much look-natural that the viewer can get into serious delusion of a virtual world for the toddlers. For instance, the child can see a warrior attacking or a rabbit hopping right on the floor he is standing.

Nothing in the world is as beautiful as changing the perception of the viewer, that too with a hyper-realistic impression. China and the USA have already introduced the concept of AR in working fields. If a child is being taught the structures of leaves, and that the AR concept can present a real leaf on his hand without altering the actual reality around him. That becomes insanely cool! No more need to go to Africa to face the Baboons or Black Vipers, they will be right in front of you, on your sofa, or coiled behind the television set. Will this not be great for Pre Primary Teachers Training Course?

A small thing can be the start

A child always lives in the world of his own imagination and creates funny characters from nowhere. Those characters become little friend of that toddler, and the whole world becomes submerged with those fragments of fiction. So, how about integrating education with imaginative friends? That exactly AR does.

If a class is being held on the topic of the importance of fruits in real life, fruit can be projected in the hyperspace that is on the hands of the children. The children can thus explore this third dimension efficiently.  Just imagine this hypothetical situation when the human evolution theory can be simulated.

The projection-based AR System is needed for the directional support and a clear realistic display of model. Schools can introduce the AR system in Pre Primary Teachers Training Course and thus make the teaching of toddlers super-easy! A simulation of animated students is really needed to create a virtual work-experience among learners.