Amazing activities that you can plan to teach toddlers by being in the Pre Primary Teacher Training Course

Development that shapes the kids

The cognitive development of children is as important as the task of teaching them valuable lessons. Now, as a teacher in Kindergarten, you can plan and practice several activities that will shape your teaching skills in a much better fashion. Now, there are several activities that can be followed up which can spark creativeness in all children.

Children can begin with just drawing a smiling face on a blackboard in the beginning hours of class. Also, they can plan to join a team quiz to be taken by the teacher. The teacher can group and divide the whole class into small sections who will participate in interactive quiz sessions. This not only increases their knowledge, but also boosts their cooperative team spirit. A training in Pre Primary Teacher Training Course will improve the teaching techniques immensely.

Motivating toddlers by fun activities

There are so many activities, one such is the broken glass poster. Oh no, you must be thinking why am I talking about children playing with broken glasses! No, believe me I am not. The broken glasses here are just silver coated paper cuttings that are cut in irregular shapes to provide better outlook. Now what children can do is that take a silver cardboard, or you can prepare that board for them if they doesn’t have one! Just take a silver paper and stick it to a cardboard. Now after that you can make many boundaries and linings over the silver paper, the boundaries to cut off the shapes. Children can then move the scissor over the lines and create various shapes. Then these shapes can be placed on a black or designing board to make it look great! Nice, right? All these great skills can be leant by taking up the Pre Primary Teacher Training Course.

Children also create shapes of various animals and planets and stick that near the windows. Reflection of sunlight on them will create a sublime effect, not a dubiety here. The benefit of creating abstract silver glass fragments is that this single idea instills shape recognition skills in children.

Counting isn’t boring with these steps

Now, similarly various number learning techniques can be taught to the toddlers. For this, it is not so much of a rigid rule to have the number book. Children will learn the skills to count numbers and eventually understand them with greater intellect.

Before starting off, it is good to begin with some counting techniques. There are candy bunnies, or small toffee bars that are available in the market. As children consume bears, they are learning subtraction. Interactive gameplays can be arranged by counting the number of candy bunny bears and counting them together. As more bears are added to the collection, or dropped in a jar, children can grasp the notion of addition and subtraction. The Pre Primary Teacher Training Course teaches these strategies excellently.

However, the limitation is that this technique cannot teach multiplication and division effectively. Another thing is that developing counting techniques can be taught by putting children in circles, or making them sit around round tables and counting from both end. You may ask one of them to count the number of children from their right, or swap directions and back-count.

Spark the urge for learning in toddlers

Sometimes, because children become quickly aware of their daily routine, they avoid learning Math or create enough tantrums to offset the whole course. Teachers regularly need to update and invent new methods to plan their activity so that children remain engaged. What they can do is to create an icecream chart. It is a fun activity, where many pieces of paper icecream remain scattered with distinct numbers, only to be arranged in proper order. Opting a course in the Pre Primary Teacher Training Course includes all these fascinating techniques.