8 Diverse Roles of Teachers in Modern Classrooms: An In-depth Analysis

If you are new in the profession of teaching, then you must know that apart from instructing students & delivering lectures, you have got to play other roles also. These roles are diverse and challenging and therefore you must stay at the top of your game. Let’s discuss 8 of them in brief.


As a planner, you have to plan various learning materials, lectures, presentations, units, and lessons after thorough research. While planning them, you must ensure that they are lucid and easy to understand so that they contribute to the academic productivity of the kids & boost their knowledge. However, the biggest challenge lies in planning the curriculum which is also time-consuming. It’s because the school curriculum is a long-term plan of action. You must go for a diploma in elementary education to understand this specific role clearly.

Subject matter expert

The quality of teaching in class depends on how qualified & knowledgeable a teacher is. Thus if you want to excel in this profession, you have to be a subject matter expert. You need to have a deep understanding of the subjects you are teaching, well-versed in the theories and concepts, and possess in-depth factual knowledge.


As a mentor, your task will revolve around encouraging the development and fostering the growth of the new teacher; to make sure the relationship between students & teachers remains good & positive in the classroom and make sure students keep on improving in academics. The role of mentoring is vital in training new teachers to boost their planning, instruction, and material knowledge.


In this role, you’ve to see how well learners are performing in academics or progressing in the subjects or how well are scoring in exams. You have to provide them feedback after conducting reviews individually and carry out rectification.

There are different methods you can use in order to grade the learners, and as an assessor, you’ve to rectify the mistakes of the learners and evaluate their strengths & weaknesses. However, your communication with the learner should be sensitive & full of empathy so that they become confident. The role of the assessor is also known as a facilitator. Undertaking a diploma in elementary education will help you gain insights into your role as an assessor of little learners.


As a leader, you have to take the responsibility for the learning of all students as a team, and distribute responsibilities to other teachers. However, this role is usually performed by senior & experienced instructors.

Role Model

As an educator, you have to present yourself in such a way that you command respect from students & they emulate you in a positive way. Your knowledge, behavior, attitude, disposition should be ideal for students to ape you.


Perhaps the most tricky and crucial role you have to play as a teacher is that of an organizer. How fruitful your activities are in the classroom will depend on how organized or methodical you are. It revolves around organizing the classroom which is conducive to learning, maintaining discipline & decorum & manage students effectively.


A teacher as a counselor is all about solving the problems of students in the classroom and adjusting to their environment. It is providing them tips to stick to the routine, rules & regulations & make progress in academics. Your role as a counselor will become active when students will need guidance and advice for project work, self-study & clarification of doubts.

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