7 Strategies to Improve your Skills as an Elementary Teacher

With changes in curriculum every year & introduction of new technologies into education, instructors are expected to step up their game and bring an improvement in their teaching skills. We’re exploring 7 strategies with which you can build your elementary teaching skills for a better academic year.

Continue your education

The world of teaching is dynamic and evolving all the time. Syllabus keep getting upgraded and advent of technology in education has given teaching at elementary a new dimension. You should never become complacent and rest on your laurels and keep on continuing your lifelong education, training, & research. A diploma in elementary education will hone your teaching skills and make you more competent.

Assess your performance

After the annual academic session comes to an end, it’s time to appraise & review. Did you achieve your goals for the year? Which areas you could improve on is it classroom management, curriculum planning or interaction with the students? Did your learners appreciate your style of teaching? What are the things you need to work upon and what techniques or tricks didn’t produce the results you were expecting?

Develop your assessment tools

If you’re teaching students a brand new curriculum, then you have the chance to develop your own assessment tools which will help you measure your performance in classroom and judge the quality of your teaching. Don’t think about the entire year or start making plans for it, rather begin with developing an overall synopsis of your year or term and take time developing comprehensive evaluations.

Relax & chill out

As an elementary teacher, it can often be tedious, stressful & challenging inside the classroom with all those tasks, activities, and practices. It’s important for you to stay fresh and prevent burn out before you enter a classroom in the beginning of a new academic session.

For this, you need to unwind and take a week off or two days away from the stress of imparting lessons and notes and educational activities. Get engaged into something that reinvigorates you and recharges your batteries.

Attend workshops & seminars

Workshops are indispensable for professional development of educators. Apart from undertaking a diploma in elementary education course, professional development training can aid elementary educators to become better in time management and staying methodical and disciplined. This helps them to become proficient & competent and get an extra time to concentrate on learners instead of paperwork.

Ask for feedback from your learners

Most of the times you may ponder about how you could bring an improvement in your teaching skills or reflect on you’re the ways of delivering lessons & disseminating information in classroom, without realizing that your own learners can provide you the best feedback on the teaching and learning that takes place. With their feedback, you can improve your efforts, strategies & inputs.

There are many tactics you can utilize to get feedback from your learners on the class in general or the learning that revolves around particular topics and activities.

Take help of consultants

Consultants can make your task easier as they can help you in evaluating your performance in classroom through observations, video-recordings, preparatory and follow-up discussions. They can also give you tips & suggest ways to improve your performance as an elementary educator in classroom. Your regular dialogues with them can turn out to be pivotal to your success in teaching.

Collaborating with peers

At last but not the least, your peers can be your best guide when it comes to reflecting on your classroom performance, bettering your teaching skills & become adept in every department. GSIs teaching sections link up with faculties to share & talk about how to teach particular topics, and to interchanging learning materials, resources, and discussing on how to create a stimulating learning setting in the classroom. GSIs are also encouraged to collaborate with a peer to do classroom analysis 7 observations.

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