ITA Placement

As you know, it is hard enough to find a good job these days in your own community, much less in a foreign country overseas. That is why International Training Academy provides inclusive, lifetime job search guidance to all of our students and teachers.

We have our own palcement cell who looks after the placement concerning to the students. Here once a student enrolls with us apart from their registration ID, they also gets a unique username and password particularly for the login into our placement cell account.

Once they login to this account, they can search current/latest job opening for teachers in schools all over the world. Now as per their choice and preferance they can choose any location and apply for it.

These schools are the schools who are registered with us and they submit their requiremnts to us as they want to hire teachers from us.

Facebook Group:

We have an account/page which is a closed user group of our students and no outsiders are allowed to access this page. Here we not only share lots of important materials regarding the course for our students but for rapid sharing we also share the latest job openings that comes from the schools. As facebook has become one of the fasted mode of communication so with the help of this media we share important information, provide placement assistance and also allow the students to communicate with each other from various palces.