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Our Associations & Membership

Institute of International Teachers Training is an offshoot and endorsed by NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English). The National Council of Teachers of English is dedicated to uplifting the knowledge, skills of teaching and learning of English and other language arts at all levels of education.As the educational landscape is changing, need for trained teachers are evolving. So the NCTE are keen to developing language teachers who are equipped with innovativeness, ability to promote interaction,imagination, independent thinking etc.

Institute of International Teachers Training is proud to announce that our Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teaching courses have been approved by International Association for Distance Learning (IADL). The International Association for Distance Learning was established to encourage brilliance in open, distance and online education and to offer recognition for course-providers worldwide. The name IADL provide standards through which consumer’s worldwide can measure the quality of Montessori, pre-primary and primary teaching courses offered by our Members. IADL is an independent organization based in London, United Kingdom.

We are pleased to announce, now we are the institutional member of The Association for Early Childhood Education & Development (AECED), TATA Institute of Social Sciences, Deonar, Mumbai – 400 088, a Nationally registered body registered in 2008. AECED has grown out of the Indian Association for Preschool Education which was formed in 1964.It brings together not only professionals who work with children but involves parents and stakeholders too. AECED helps to promote child’s right to education through a range of activities throughout the year which increases the awareness about the holistic development of each child emphasizing “Education for All” through a network of government and national bodies. It was previously known as the Indian Association for Preschool Education (IAPE).

International Training Academy signed up membership agreement with International Montessori society. It was established to help meet the growing demand for Montessori teachers in India and abroad. IMS is organized as a non-profit corporation directed by Lee Havis, with main offices in Silver Spring, Maryland. He founded the International Montessori Society (IMS) to support the effective application of the true natural Montessori teaching throughout the world. The International Montessori Society views Montessori teaching as a way of being committed to infinite and eternal laws of nature, related to following three fundamental principles; i.e., (1) Observation (2) Individual Liberty and (3) Preparation of the Environment. IMS supports the complete and effective application of these principles through their experiential understanding. It provides this support through such means as teacher education, publications, workshops, seminars and consultation.

International Training Academy is proud to announce that we are now the institutional member of The College of Teachers and will follow the College’s Code of Professional Practice.

International Training Academy is a proud member of Cambridge English Teacher. Educational organizations worldwide use Cambridge English Teacher to attract, develop and retain the best teachers. Institutional Membership provides all the teachers with high-quality support for their development, from Cambridge English.