International Training Academy (ITA) is a part of Institute of International Teachers Training for Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery. International Training Academy is a registered body of the Government of India. Additionally, it is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified Organization. International Training Academy is one of the prime names in the field of Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teachers training. The most important duty of ITA is to continuously recognize the fundamental elements of Montessori, pre-primary and Primary teaching. The company is fortunate to have professionals who are dedicated and prudent. This has helped the institution to achieve appropriate analysis and teaching practices for its national and international students. ITA believes in the continuous reconstitution of teachers with the latest online or distance or Class-room teaching techniques and methodologies. The institution caters to students pursuing both online, Class-Room and distance teachers training courses, worldwide.

Our Goals

The main ambition of International Training Academy (ITA) is to present an Online or Distance or Class-Room educational program incorporating the modern day approaches and modern procedures in the field of teaching and training. ITA focuses on producing future teachers for Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery with distinctive set of talent to teach young learners from various backgrounds through Online or Class-Room Coaching.

About ITA Trainers

The tutors at ITA are highly educated with years of Online and Class-Room teaching experience in Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery. At ITA we make sure that our trainers are one of the best in the industry. They are committed in guiding the students Online or over phone or in the class-Room throughout the course. The trainees will be provided with valuable comments and inspiring remarks focusing on their strengths and also directing out the areas which need improvement. The trainees can expect a high quality international guidance for Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teaching from the ITA trainers. The trainers provide constant assistance to the trainees Online and motivate them about the learning process through Online and Class-Room Coaching.

 Our Accreditation



Teaching Practice

Proper and sufficient practical experience is required for a Montessori, Primary, Preprimary & Nursery teacher training course to be complete. Interaction with students in an actual classroom is very important. Hence teaching practice session is an integral part of our teacher training curriculum and a lot of significance is given to these sessions during evaluation……Read more