Importance of Teachers Training

Montessori, Primary, Pre-primary & Nursery Teachers Training has gathered a lot of importance in the current years. The demand for qualified pre & primary school teachers is quite high. The International Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course is an attempt on part of ITA to provide Montessori, Primary, Pre-primary & Nursery teachers an ultimate learning platform for teaching the young learners. It is of utmost importance that in order to teach the young learners, teachers should go through a certified teachers training program. Thus ITA offers courses like International Pre & Primary Teachers Training course and International Montessori Teachers Training Course.

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Our Association & Memberships

International Training Academy has teamed up with the International Association of Distance Learning who promotes excellence in open, distance and online learning for Montessori, Primary, Pre-primary & Nursery teachers training worldwide. ITA is also accredited by the renowned Association for Early Childhood Education and Development, which is a nationalized registered body. ITA is the recognized member of International Montessori Society, which supports Montessori principles effectively, worldwide. ITA joined the professional membership of Cambridge English Teacher that supports high quality, accurate and innovative teaching learning process. International Training Academy is accredited by The College of Teachers, London, which is a professional body well known for its teaching profession.

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Our Courses

Why Institute of International Teachers Training

What Our Students Say

Training was overall good and maintained quality. All other including trainer services were quite satisfying. I would join this academy for another course as well. Excellent training skills provided. Real Time teaching based practices had to be done, which was enriching as well as worth doing. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to do my course here.
Veena (Chennai) Student
It is an excellent training for teachers offered by ITA. The depth of knowledge I gathered is amazing. I have already completed 2 Diploma courses here so I am happy with the content of the course. Good quality training with practical examples and one can always refer the recorded videos anytime. Completely worthy for the time & money we spent.
Melane (Saudi Arabia) Student
I chose ITA because it allies both the excellence of the updated education system and the experience of stepping into a class while doing teaching practice. These helped me to do well. The service was also worth mentioning. I would like to refer ITA to my friends. Thank you ITA.
Nisha (Rajastan) Student
When choosing a distance course I knew I wanted to spend some time studying at own pace, and ITA really stood out because it offered two degrees at the same time a certificate course free!! The course was well- structured and rigorous academic program, which provides you rich learning process, and which stood me in good stead. I hope to look at transferring the skills and experiences I’ve gained in my professional life………… Thanks ITA
Sabitha (Qtatar) Student
Having just completed one course with ITA, I am in a great position to tell you ‘Just do it’. The experience was great. The program is intensive, and thoroughly interesting, and the language training allows you to get the roots of the language.
Ruhi (Karnataka) Student
ITA gave me the scope to open up myself in the field of teaching. ITA courses taught me so many innovative techniques through which I was able to upgrade myself as a better teacher. Now I am working in a reputed play school as class teachers. Thank you ITA.
Neha (Pune) STUDENT
It is a great experience being a part of ITA. I got to know so much. Being a young mother it was hard for me to give my child a perfect upbringing. After joining ITA I came across so many different methods and ideas through which I was able to make my child boost up with knowledge. The support and assistance which is provided from ITA is really helpful and I have been very much satisfied throughout my course duration. I will recommend all my friends to pursue this course.
Lakshmi (Kerala) STUDENT


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